Beat injury, get stronger with BODYTEC EMS training

After an injury, your muscle volume and strength decreases. Training with EMS provides optimal support when gently rebuilding a specific muscle or muscle groups depending on your ability and goals.

With EMS training you can target specific problem areas and help strengthen weaker muscle groups to correct imbalances. For example, EMS training is especially beneficial for those wanting to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. 

Back pain is a common ailment – increasingly so thanks to long days spent in front of computers and our sedentary lifestyle! One of the main causes is a muscular imbalance in the torso. BODYTEC EMS training targets and strengthens the deeper layers of the torso muscle group which helps alleviate back pain as these deep muscles are difficult to activate with conventional training methods.

Maintaining the correct posture and coordination while training is also important to prevent injury. The intensity of a BODYTEC workout is regulated through Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS), which is gentle on the joints, whereas conventional weight training is carried out with heavyweights, which can cause strain.

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