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BODYTEC has franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs in this fast-growing EMS sector of the fitness industry. With low start-up costs and a proven track record, a BODYTEC franchise involves low risk and high potential returns with extensive partner support.

Are you a people's person with an affinity for sport and fitness? Do you enjoy a hands-on approach?

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Why become a BODYTEC fitness franchise partner?

Proven track record of success

BODYTEC brought EMS training to South Africa in 2011 and has been accredited by the Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA). We have franchise studios nationwide – and we’re always growing!

Exclusive cutting-edge technology

BODYTEC has exclusive rights to the data-driven SYMBIONT Smart Training System, EMS technology developed by a Frankfurt-based medical company taking over the world right now!

Everything you need to set up a studio

BODYTEC has an in-house team that will work with our trusted building partners to get you up and running stress-free. Equipment, HR manuals, software and more are all part of the partner package.

Customised business plan

Every area (suburb) is different and every franchise partner has different skill sets. BODYTEC creates a personalised business plan for you, including financial analysis, to ensure you get off to the right start.

National and local marketing

From local marketing ideas and support to an active national PR, marketing and social media strategy, BODYTEC will help you get the word out about your studio.

Franchise FAQs

Once-off upfront franchise feeR108 000
Working capitalR120 000
Studio set upR350 000
Total investmentR578 000  (*Dependent on studio size.)
Management fee6.2% on turnover (R3 200 minimum)
Marketing fee2.5% on turnover (R1 200 minimum)

(all figures exclude VAT)

We make the process of becoming a BODYTEC franchise partner as easy and uncomplicated as possible for you.

Here’s how it works:

  • Complete our Franchise Information form.
  • You will be invited to a virtual Franchise Information session where you will learn more about the brand and how our BODYTEC Franchise Partner Programme will benefit you.
  • Thereafter a one-on-one meeting will be set up, giving you the opportunity to meet the BODYTEC franchise team.
  • An area (studio location) will be reserved for you, and you will receive a studio-specific business plan, three-year financial analysis and the BODYTEC Disclosure Document.
  • Once suitable premises have been found and approved, studio refurbishment can begin. Our key-ready design makes this process fuss-free and minimises costs.
  • Your 13-day personalised BODYTEC franchise training workshop will take place at our BODYTEC Academy.


(All processes and timelines are governed by the franchise regulations of the CPA2011.)

BODYTEC became one of South Africa’s fitness franchise success stories within just a few years – and it all started with the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

Having worked for most of his life in the European soccer industry, Boris Leyck came to South Africa in 2007 to work on the lead-up to the Soccer World Cup 2010. Boris first experienced EMS training in Germany in early 2010, which inspired him to pursue his passion for health and fitness and change his career path. Instead of moving to Brazil to prepare for the next Soccer World Cup, Boris made Cape Town his home and launched the first EMS studio in the country in 2011!

Boris saw the potential to take BODYTEC national and started investigating the route of turning BODYTEC into a fitness franchise. Many of BODYTEC’s franchise partners are former members who were so impressed with the personal results they experienced, that they were inspired to invest and open their own studios. Others heard of the benefits that EMS can offer potential customers and decided to partner with BODYTEC because it is the premier South African EMS provider.

In 2023 BODYTEC launched its exclusive partnership with German EMS technology provider, SYMBIONT.

The innovative SYMBIONT Smart Training System was developed by Frankfurt-based medical device manufacturer Schwa-medico, which has over 45 years of experience in medical devices for pain relief based on EMS technology.

BODYTEC holds exclusive rights to the SYMBIONT EMS technology for South Africa.

Find out more at symbiont360.com.

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BODYTEC’s digital strategy covers Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Linkedin as well as Google My Business, Search Engine Optimisation and Google Ads.

A PR-campaign targets various online, print and broadcast media, and both local and national ambassadors are used to increase word of mouth via their various online profiles.

Franchise awards and accreditations

Franchising | BODYTEC

Finalist – Awards 2015
Newcomer Franchisor of the Year

Franchising | BODYTEC

Finalist – Awards 2016
Brand Builder of the Year

Still not convinced?

Here are 6 more reasons to open your own BODYTEC studio

Low start-up costs and fees

Get started with an initial investment of only R578 000.

High potential return on investment

Great potential for recurring monthly revenue.

Join SA's leaders in EMS training

SA’s original and premier EMS franchise with studios nationwide.

Minimal staffing requirements

Run a studio with a small team of personal trainers.

Exclusive franchise area

Know another BODYTEC studio won’t open down the road.

Enjoy lifestyle-based work

Don’t be tied to a desk. Say goodbye to that suit and tie.
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