From freelance personal trainer to EMS studio owner

BODYTEC Midstream new owner

BODYTEC Midstream’s new owner, Wilson, has always been passionate about personal training and his dream was always to open a fitness studio of his own. After years of hard work, dedication and maintaining a positive outlook, that dream has now become reality. Tlhakiso Wilson Mafona (32 years old), also known as “Will”, was born and […]

Euphemia’s 500th BODYTEC EMS training Session

Euphemia in a power pose

Earlier this year, BODYTEC City Bowl member, Euphemia Dimblebee, completed her 500th BODYTEC session. This makes her the member with the most BODYTEC EMS strength sessions across South Africa! Euphemia started EMS training at our first BODYTEC studio in April 2011, only a month after we opened its doors. She’s been training with us every […]

5 BODYTEC members share their experience


Whether you’re new to BODYTEC EMS training or a long-time member, it’s always enlightening to read the genuine experiences of those who have tried electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), since each member has unique challenges and concerns to share. We feel that BODYTEC delivers the country’s most effective full-body strength training program but don’t just take […]

Get ahead of the curve. The 2022 Fitness trends prediction

Fitness trends

The fitness industry is a big deal — and it’s only getting bigger. It has been steadily increasing for some time now, and we see no indications of it slowing down. Interest in fitness has increased as more people see its value in terms of health, wellbeing, and overall quality of life. Consumer spending on […]

10 Things you didn’t know about EMS training

Two men in a power pose at a BODYTEC studio

Here are 10 good-to-know facts about EMS training: EMS is also known as Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) or electromyostimulation. Research has shown that EMS is more effective than conventional weight training. During an EMS training session, up to 90% of muscles are activated simultaneously. Only 20 minutes of EMS training per week […]

Health Benefits of Cold-Water Immersion

Cold water therapy

Having an ice bath, cold shower or swimming in icy waters is the trendiest thing you can do for health benefits in 2021. Cold-water immersion has been prescribed by physicians for centuries to ease various concerns from muscle soreness to reducing fatigue. But will this work for you? There’s no harm in looking into it. […]

Meet BODYTEC’s newest and youngest studio owner

Svannah Candy BODYTEC Dainfern young entrepreneur

Q&A with Savannah Candy – the new owner of BODYTEC Dainfern In honour of Youth Day, we’re featuring one of our youngest studio owners to date. At just 23 years of age, Savannah brings a new energy to BODYTEC Dainfern. Tell us a bit about yourself (general overview of your history/background) I am 23 years […]

BODYTEC Express: NEW 3 month membership

BODYTEC express 3-month Membership

Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. Any improvement to physical wellbeing can be life-changing but requires consistency. Committing to something new and getting into a routine isn’t always easy, though. This is why we’ve introduced our new BODYTEC Express membership, which offers a convenient alternative to our prepaid and long-term memberships. In just 90 days, BODYTEC Express […]

Meet 2 of BODYTEC’s first partners, Jessica & Troy

BODYTEC Founding Partner Jessica

It’s been a decade since we opened our first BODYTEC studio! Personal trainers, owners and members who have been with us from the start have saved thousands of hours and gained a better quality of life by choosing to Train Smarter, Get Stronger with BODYTEC. We’ve had fun, we’ve had challenges (oh boy, have we […]

NEW Studio: BODYTEC Queenwood opens in Pretoria

NEW Studio: BODYTEC Queenwood opens in Pretoria | BODYTEC

From 1 February 2021, visitors to Queenswood Quarter in Pretoria will also be able to enjoy our full-body EMS strength training sessions. Situated in a newly developed high street shopping centre, BODYTEC Queenswood offers ultimate convenience to fitness enthusiasts in the area. Studio owner, Sarina, who was introduced to EMS training by her sister in […]