Why we need to sweat

Why we sweat

What exactly is sweat?

Sweating is known as perspiration, the discharge of a salt-based fluid from your sweat glands. Sweat is made up of water and contains small amounts of urea, salts, ammonia, uric acid, lactic acid, vitamin C, fat, zinc, nickel, lead, and chromium.

Sweat is your body’s natural coolant and helps regulate temperature. Your sweat glands release water to the surface of your skin as your internal temperature rises. As sweat evaporates, it cools your skin and the blood beneath it.
When we sweat, our bodies benefit from the following:

1. It detoxifies the body

Sweating has two purposes: one is to cool the body, and the other is to detoxify it. Sweating is one of the most efficient ways to detox your body naturally without using juice cleanses. Sweating helps your body flush away toxins like alcohol, cholesterol, and heavy metals like mercury, nitrates, and perchlorate. Chronic exposure to certain heavy metals can result in thyroid illness.

2. Improves skin health

Your skin has microbial balance, which means it functions as a prebiotic, promoting healthy skin microorganisms. Water hydrates; minerals and salt exfoliate naturally; and urea and uric acid treat dry skin and dermatitis. Sweating removes germs, dirt, oils, and pollutants from the skin. The ideal pH factor for the skin is the same as the sweat pH.

3. Removes potentially harmful microbes

Working up a sweat also helps to strengthen the immune system. According to research, sweating can reduce our chances of catching the flu by one-third! Sweat contains antimicrobial peptides that bind to certain bacteria and viruses in the body.

4. It protects the heart

Sweating improves circulation and the cardiovascular system. According to research, individuals who used the sauna the most frequently were the least likely to suffer a bad cardiovascular event.

5. Improves post-exercise recovery

Sweating increases blood flow to your muscles and enhances your mood. It speeds up recovery from sickness, injury, and muscular strain. Studies show that sweating increases growth hormone synthesis, which is the body’s way of healing.

6. Lowers stress hormones

Sweating also activates the body’s nervous system. This de-stress state assists us in relaxing, digesting, and recovering. Exercising or sweating helps in increasing endorphins while reducing stress.
We hope that the above benefits of sweating have given you some insight and encouragement to go out there and sweat. Ready to get sweating? Book a trial session now.

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