What’s It’s like to own a BODYTEC franchise?

A person doing a whole body EMS training in a BODYTEC studio.

Are you a BODYTEC client? Then you could be the ideal person to open a franchise because 75% of our franchise partners were former clients who were so passionate about the concept that they made a life changing decision to become an entrepreneur. With low start-up costs and a proven track record, a BODYTEC franchise involves low risk and high potential returns with extensive partner support.

Caryn Bean
Franchise partner BODYTEC Sea Point

‘While on maternity leave, and heading out for pizza, I was approached by someone who handed me a flyer for a trial at BODYTEC. I booked it for the next day. Post my first workout I couldn’t believe how I felt – like I had run a marathon! The next day every muscle in my body felt stiff. I couldn’t believe I could feel like that after only 20 minutes of exercise.’

‘Over the next 8 weeks my body changed, not only was there no trace of a recent pregnancy, my muscle definition was probably the most toned it had ever been. We wanted to be a part of this. In my mind, if one could afford it, why wouldn’t you do it? The results are remarkable and in a short space of time very visible.’

‘We opened our studio in Sea Point in 2013. With recent changes in my life I am juggling my corporate life, parenting and running of the studio. Thank goodness I was born a muti-tasking woman! Thank goodness I discovered BODYTEC!’



Tanya Krause
Franchise partner BODYTEC Centurion and BODYTEC Brooklyn

‘I worked for Momentum and was HR business partner. In 2011 Momentum merged with Metropolitan and I worked on the merger project in Cape Town during the week. It required a lot of travelling and very little time for exercise. BODYTEC was recommended to me because of my time contstraints.’ 

‘The first session was incredible, I have never experienced anything quite like it. Right there and then I decided this is the future of fitness. When I finished the project I wanted to continue my BODYTEC as the results from just once a week were incredible and I saw how my body changed weekly. To my dismay at that stage the only BODYTEC studio in Gauteng was in Sandton. Now I have a thing for the N1 and the prospect of  driving to Joburg to exercise just did not appeal to me. So I enquired about opening a franchise in Pretoria. I met Sandra and Boris in Cape Town but at that stage I had no idea how I would finance it.’

‘I enjoy working with people and have dreamed of owning my own business for years, but always thought it would be in  consulting related to my field. I had long discussions with family and friends. My dad, after working at the same company for 35 years, had his reservations, but the rebel I am, it just made me more determined to succeed. I somehow came up with the required financing and Momentum accommodated me to a half day position. I did not want to jump ship with no safety net.’

‘I opened BODYTEC Centurion in October 2013 while working half day at Momentum. The hours were relentless. I opened the studio at 06:00, worked at Momentum from 09:00 to 14:00, then back in the studio from 14:15 till 20:00, then home to do admin for both jobs. Centurion studio broke worldwide records in EMS studios when we signed up 35 new clients in the first three days. I have never worked as hard in my life, but it paid off and Centurion financed the next studio.’

‘In 2014 I left my job at Momentum and I opened the Brooklyn studio in February 2015. I love every minute of it! Yes it is hard work, but it is so rewarding seeing your studios grow. I am now planning to open my third studio in August 2016. BODYTEC is a revolutionizing fitness concept, but is also revolutionised my life.’

What's It's like to own a BODYTEC franchise? | BODYTEC

Barry Willis
Franchise partner BODYTEC Rosebank and BODYTEC Greenside

‘I met the owners of BODYTEC Sandton in 2012 and when they explained what BODYTEC was I was interested in finding out more. Being someone who has always been into gym I was really intrigued by the concept. The next day I went online to check what BODYTEC was all about and I booked myself in for a trial. Coming from a marketing background, I was immediately impressed by how cool the branding is.’

‘I had been searching for a new business opportunity and as soon as I had finished the trial I knew I was blown away by the entire experience. With a pool of sweat at my feet and all my muscles feeling like they had just been through an intense workout, I signed up for a 12-month contract. I could not stop talking about BODYTEC and felt very strongly that this was a business that I wanted to get involved in. I applied for a franchise via the website and in 2013 I opened the doors to the branch in Rosebank.’

‘Since then I have worked very hard and I have learned a lot, not just about personal fitness, but also about a business that is very hospitality focussed. I have also grown a lot as an individual. In 2014 I opened my second BODYTEC studio in Greenside. I firmly believe that Electro Muscle Stimulation training is going to grow and that if anyone is looking to be part of business that is at the forefront of this form of training, then BODYTEC would be the best choice.’

What's It's like to own a BODYTEC franchise? | BODYTEC

More information about the franchising process and fees is available here.  Fill in our online application form and our franchise department will contact you. 

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