20 reasons why our members love BODYTEC training

EMS training

No amount of reading about BODYTEC training from our blogs, reviews and experts, will compare to the experience of trying it yourself.

Sometimes starting new adventures or trying innovations can be nerve-wracking, we know. When light bulbs were invented more than 150 years ago, people weren’t sure if they’d be a practical source of light, but now you have them in your home, your car, and you can see them in every other country that you travel to.

BODYTEC EMS training is no different. We’ve developed a way for you to improve your training and achieve faster results, all while helping you reduce physical aches and pains so that you’re able to truly feel good about yourself.

Here are just 20 reasons why our members love BODYTEC EMS training:

It increases muscle strength

A 2017 study conducted in New York found that participants of EMS training had significantly improved muscle strength in just 8 weeks.

It’s a 20-minute workout

How does 20 minutes of uninterrupted sweat therapy sound? Most of our members have jam-packed schedules but what helps each of them thrive is that they are unapologetic about investing in themselves. Think of it this way, the more you invest in yourself, the more value you’ll be able to offer those around you.

It enhances muscle definition

The mind speaks to the body, so I try to keep my mind positive so that my body follows.” – Leandie du Randt

Leandie who is an actress, model, entrepreneur and motivational speaker says her muscles are more toned. She’s seen faster results than with the HIIT exercises she used to do three times a week, and because BODYTEC EMS training is so easy to maintain, it’s easy to stay motivated.

You’ll feel great

It’s no secret that when you look good, you feel good. Consistent BODYTEC EMS training will help improve your overall health and put a spring in your step.

It reduces body fat

Since EMS training activates muscles and connective tissue entirely, it helps to improve circulation, which reduces excessive fat and tones your body.

You’ll be more flexible

Lori Grobler at BODYTEC Eldoraigne said that even in her sixties and first year as a retiree, her knee pain significantly reduced, her posture improved, and she felt stronger and more flexible than ever before.

You’ll improve core strength

With longer muscle contraction periods than can be achieved with traditional workouts, EMS training primes your body for endurance and core strength.

Reduce back pain

Belinda De Bruin, a BODYTEC Centurion member who loves long runs, mentioned that she suffered from terrible back pain and that she would often experience stiffness after runs but since introducing BODYTEC training, the pain had reduced and she felt so prepared to complete the Comrades Marathon that she was able to stroll on the beach, the next day.

Reduce waist circumference

If a smaller waistline is what you’re after, you’ll achieve faster results with electro muscle stimulation (EMS) combined with a healthy diet.

It activates 90% of your muscles at the same time

No, this is not just a marketing selling point, it’s science. Electro muscle contractions are combined with low-impact exercises to give you a high-intensity workout that focuses on your entire body. Leg day doesn’t live here – it’s full-body, friend.

Your aerobic capacity will improve

Studies have found that the EMS method of training far outweighs the results of traditional aerobic training, which is particularly important for the rehabilitation of cardiac patients.

It increases muscle mass

One of our BODYTEC Bryanston members, Riyaadh Hanslo, said that after he tried every type of training, BODYTEC gave him the best results. He noticed major increases in lean muscle mass and fat loss in a short period of time.

You’ll be faster

We know how great the stats look on paper but it’s the stories of exceptional progress that keep us invested in what we do. Jeff Schueremans from BODYTEC Waterfalls told us how, at 62, he was really beginning to experience more muscle power when he noticed that he can now confidently cycle 3km per hour.

You’ll feel more powerful

“BODYTEC is the kind of training that leaves you feeling physically, mentally and emotionally stronger, alert and balanced,” says 50+ BODYTEC Atholl member, Deborah Chadwick.

Your posture will improve

A pathologist who trains at BODYTEC Sea Point said that she was always intrigued by the idea of EMS training but thought that it was too good to be true. After heading to her first session with a friend, she loved it and now her posture has noticeably improved, among other things.

It’s the ideal low-impact, high-intensity strength training

EMS training is not a quick fix. You may experience a bit of stiffness and sore muscles after your first few sessions, but the intensity of each workout will go according to your own body type and what works for you personally, rather than a general guideline.

You’ll be more resilient to injuries

Bronze Medal Comrades runner, Bryan Arendse, who trains at BODYTEC Midstream, said that he trained virtually injury-free while preparing for the Comrades marathon and that his running time improved by nearly an hour.

You’ll look and feel healthier

The power of a good workout will cause you to make improvements to other areas of your life like healthier food choices, more sleep and even encouraging those around you to follow suit.

You’ll be a better athlete

Let’s not forget one of the most underrated and strenuous sports around: parenthood. If you’re not up to feeling stronger for yourself, do it for more enjoyable quality time with the kids.

Enhance sprinting, agility and jumping performance

Most of our members opt for BODYTEC training because it’s the best available option for improving athletic performance, whether you’re just starting out or happen to be a rugby legend.

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