BODYTEC introduces National Memberships at no extra cost

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Why miss a workout when you can train at any BODYTEC EMS studio across South Africa?


Your ability to reach health and fitness goals, shouldn’t be obstructed by travel requirements. We know how difficult it can be to train consistently when you’re travelling for work, holiday, or are in-between homes. This is why we’ve created the BODYTEC National Membership – a plan that allows you to train at any BODYTEC studio across the country.

What are the benefits of National Membership?

With 40 BODYTEC EMS studios nationwide to choose from, your fitness goals don’t have to be put on hold when you leave your city. You will also be assigned a personal trainer who will guide through your visiting training space, as well as making adjustments to intensity settings and gear, as equipment may differ slightly from studio-to-studio.

Who qualifies for National Membership?

From 1 November 2019, all BODYTEC members with valid 10-session, 6-month, 12- or 18-month memberships will be able to redeem their personal EMS training sessions at any BODYTEC studio in the country – at no extra cost!

How to book at another studio?

Simply contact the Host studio that you would like to train at during your travels to book your session. When booking with your Host studio, it is important to notify them of which Home studio you hold your current membership with, so that they can retrieve all necessary information such as your training settings, garment sizes, relevant medical information and contact details. It’s that simple. 

What are the costs involved?

There aren’t any! All BODYTEC members automatically gain access to National Membership perks, provided that you are registered for the 10-session, 6-month, 12- or 18-month membership.

You may be required to pay an R40 garment fee at the Host studio if you haven’t brought your own training clothing along, but no other payments will be required.

What to remember when training at a Host studio?

  • Don’t forget to pack your training clothing, if you have your own set.
  • Remember to notify your Host studio when booking your session that you are an existing BODYTEC member, and at which Home studio, so that they can request the relevant details from your Home studio team.
  • Bask in the change of scenery and the opportunity to meet more people who love EMS training as much as you do.


Will you be travelling soon? Browse through our list of studios to find one near you.


Terms and conditions: 
The BODYTEC National Membership option does not apply to make-up sessions (after your contract period ends). All make-up sessions are to be completed at the member’s Home studio only. National Membership is inclusive of the standard BODYTEC joining fee, which is non-refundable. All standard BODYTEC membership Terms and Conditions apply.
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