5 Things You Should Be Listening to While Exercising

We all have our varying interests and things that motivate us. One thing that is fairly common amongst athletes and gym fanatics is the element of sound. Most people listen to something or other during exercise; whether this is to distract you from the task at hand, or to motivate you, everyone has their thing. What a lot of people don’t know though, is that what you listen to can affect your workout in some way. With the right audio, you can find yourself grooving through your workouts, forgetting the pain and pushing forward.

Here is our list of five things to listen to while you exercise:

1. Spotify

Spotify only recently launched in South Africa, but it’s essentially similar to Deezer or Apple Music. Studies have shown that music is a good distraction from the pain of a workout. Music also tends to help get you pumped up, in the zone and focused toward the goal. Songs are also typically certain lengths so if you’re trying to keep to a certain pace, you can create certain playlists that you can then listen to and pace yourself according to the playlist. Spotify also has a unique Spotify Running feature that plays continuous music which matches your tempo as you run.

2. Podcasts

Podcasts have become increasingly popular in recent years and allow many people to now listen to a host of articles and discussions on the go. Podcasts are great to listen to during a workout because you’ll become so engrossed in the narrative of a podcast that your workout will fly by. Motivational or self-help podcasts are also a great way to keep you going during a workout. If you’re not sure where to start, try the below podcasts:

3. Audiobooks

If you’re a big fan of reading but find that you don’t really have the time, audiobooks are great to listen to during a workout. If you’d like to read more but find the actual act of reading tedious, audiobooks may make it easier for you. Again, you can easily get so lost in a book or narrative that your workout tends to go by way quicker than normal. Audible is a great audiobook platform and can be downloaded as an app on your phone.

4. Zombies, Run

This may sound slightly weird, but the Zombies, Run app places you in a post-apocalyptic world where your mission is to gather supplies, rescue survivors, and more. When you feel like slowing your pace, the sounds of groaning, raspy zombies in your ear is quite the motivation to keep you moving.

5. Noisli

For those who prefer nature or the outdoors but don’t always have the time to head outside, Noisli is a great app that allows you to pick the sounds of various settings like rain, thunderstorm, wind, forest, seaside, fireplace, coffee shop, and more. You can choose one setting or combine a few to create your own personal version of each setting. It’s a great way to quieten your mind and to focus on what you’re doing if you’d prefer a more focused approach to your workout.

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