The Best Way to Dress for Exercise during Colder Weather

Winter is around the corner and many people use the cold as a reason to not exercise simply because they don’t know how to dress correctly. Believe it or not, you can go out, into the cold, and exercise without getting sick, and our five tips will help you do just that.

1. It’s all about the layers

Layering in winter is your best strategy for working out. Ideally, you should have three layers, with the third layer being removed when exercising in the cold (unless it’s raining, or very windy) as it can trap sweat and not allow proper evaporation. The layer closest to your skin should be a moisture-wicking material, like lightweight polyester or polypropylene, to take moisture away from your skin to the outer layers to evaporate. The second layer is the insulating layer, which should be wool or polyester fleece.

2. Cover your head

You lose most of your body heat through your head so it’s best to wear a beanie or hat when exercising during winter.

3. Wear mittens and/gloves

If you don’t need your fingers much, wear mittens; but if you do need your fingers, wear gloves. Make sure you wear a thin liner for extra warmth.

4. Protect your feet

Dry, warm feet are essential for decreasing the risk of a cold-weather injury and preventing blisters. Wear socks that wick moisture from your feet to your shoe, so it’s best to avoid cotton as cotton keeps moisture next to the skin.

5. Proper fit

Make sure your shoes fit properly, especially if you’re layering your socks. This ensures proper circulation to your feet and toes.

6. Keep the weather in mind

Make sure you’re totally aware of the weather you’re heading into. Make sure your shoes won’t slip on wet pavements or muddy terrain and make sure you’re protected from any elements that may come up. If you’re cycling, make sure your helmet and beanie fit together and that your helmet is still on securely.

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