The Benefits of Yoga for Men

Yoga has become an incredibly popular and beneficial form of exercise, although there is still one side of the population who are slightly hesitant to give it a try – men. Yoga has long since proven its benefits in general, assisting with breathing, strength, balance and focus, but a host of men are yet to understand, and believe, how intense and beneficial it can be.

Our list of benefits to doing yoga for men will change mind pretty quickly.

  • Strength

Most men underestimate the strength yoga requires, and offers. There’s nothing like seeing a fit man start a yoga class thinking they’re going to ace the class, only to leave sweating and out of breath. Yoga requires a more focussed form of strength and help build lean muscle mass. Yoga uses natural body weight which is often more than the usual amount of weight men lift in one session which pushes your body more than you’d think.

  • Enhance productivity

Research has shown that a 20 minute yoga class can improve memory allowing men to focus, retain information and have more confidence in making decisions at work. The meditation and focus aspect of yoga also allows men to quieten their mind from the stress of work, allowing for more productivity.

  • Build Self-Confidence

Men in particular are competitive by nature, and nowhere is this truer than in the work environment. Yoga is such a self-focussed practice that it encourages to lessen the competitive spirit (which can often cause envy, self-doubt and criticism of others) and focus on bettering themselves. The sight of seeing gradual but impressive improvement during your practice helps build self-confidence as well.

  • Prevent Injury

Yoga works larger muscles and minor ones, and helps these muscles create stabilisation and overall better condition for muscles. The stretching that takes place during yoga allows men to bounce back from an injury quicker and prevent future injury. Yoga also helps relieve lactic acid build up which prevents injuries.

  • Flexibility

Flexibility in men allows carrying and supporting themselves in other sports through a range of motion. Every muscle and joint is used and stretched during at least one pose in yoga. Tight muscles can limit the body and muscles and yoga helps loosen these muscles and joints.

Yoga has a range of benefits for men that can benefit various aspects of life, including work and other sports and exercises. Everyday life is also benefited through the breathing and focussing aspect of yoga.

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