Jaco Hoffmann | Photographer

‘If you have been forced to quit regular exercise due to an injury, bad back or uncooperative knees, EMS training could provide a curative way to get you restarted. I had a serious motorbike accident and doctors wanted to do corrective surgery on my left shoulder due to a muscle tear and injury. The injury was so severe that I could not lift my arm straight up above my head.

I love to exercise and keeping fit is an important part of my life. I gym every day and every second day I do cardio. I heard about BODYTEC and I thought: “It’s the same quick fix nonsense as seen on infomercials. A patch, a belt and a little box with knobs and lights and lots of wires that you strap around your waist, and then a magic genie will pop out and grant you a six-pack, while you sit and watch your favourite soapie!”

But then a friend told me about BODYTEC in Ruimsig and I booked a trial session. The personal trainers welcomed me in a very professional way, gave me a proper introduction to the BODYTEC technology and explained what I could expect.  I was very impressed with the modern studio and high-tech devices, but deep down still a bit sceptical.

Juan, my trainer, connected me to the device and I did some lunges, arm curls and a few other exercises. Boy oh, boy did I quickly change my perception about BODYTEC training. After 10 minutes I was already sweating as I’d just finished a two-hour spinning session, yet still managed to finish my 20- minute session. I felt really post-exercise muscle soreness for the following two days. Nevertheless, I booked another session and once again, experienced the same professionalism and same results, but a lot less soreness, which meant the following week I could continue with my normal gym programme. I will go back to BODYTEC every week until I have reached my goals.

Twenty minutes a week may sound crazy, but do yourself a favour and go and try it. You have absolutely nothing to lose except maybe a few centimetres!’

Jaco is a Photographer and trains at BODYTEC Ruimsig

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How BODYTEC EMS does more for you in 20 minutes

Stronger and more intense muscle contractions

BODYTEC uses Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to achieve stronger, more intense muscle contractions than a voluntary exertion can achieve alone.

Focuses on specific muscle groups

Your personal trainer can control each muscle group by adjusting the training intensity of the various muscle groups on the EMS device according to your individual goals.

It activates up to 90% of the muscles

During EMS training, 90% of muscles are activated simultaneously with each contraction.
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