Train Smarter, Get Stronger in only 20 minutes a week.

BODYTEC Steenberg

Westlake Square is conveniently situated for those looking for an EMS solution in the southern suburbs and Deep South. With ample free parking.

Owner: Andrew Collins

What our members say

BODYTEC Steenberg member

Sally Petersen | Business Owner

BODYTEC is an amazing way to start weight loss and gain fitness! I found that after a few months of EMS training, I became more aware of my fitness and body image, which then gave me the motivation to start eating healthier. It’s such a great investment for your health and fitness. I have lost 10kg and I feel fitter and stronger than ever before.

Shiela Ho | Model & Co-founder of Art & Soul Café

6 months ago I started a trial and my target was to get a firmer and stronger body. Today I get so many compliments about my muscular arms and my abs.

Sharon Miller | Mountain Biker & Road Cyclist

After taking up BODYTEC, I was able to stop all my weight training and just focus on having fun with my various sports and activities whilst enjoying the benefits of my body being strong.


Mom and Business owner Kim Orgill enjoys training at BODYTEC®.

Kim Orgill enjoys training at BODYTEC® as it saves her time due to her busy schedule being a mom and running her own business.

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