BODYTEC Newlands

Situated in the leafy suburb of Newlands Village just minutes away from Cavendish Centre and Claremont’s hustle and bustle, the Kildare Centre is also home to many restaurants, an espresso bar and Melissa’s Food Shop. Free parking is available close to the studio.

Owner: Troy Kilshaw

What our members say

Parmesh Everitt | Studying Masters in Education

My son, Liam encouraged me to investigate the BODYTEC EMS Training programme. I figured if anything I would be exposed to and participate in a scientifically designed programme that at the very least will help in giving my body a boost. My experience far outweighed my wildest expectations.

Johan Scholtz | Life Coach

In less than a year I have lost 15kgs (and still going strong), have built lean strong muscle tone and not only see the benefits but also enjoy the workout sessions. 20 minutes once a week fits right into my hectic schedule.


BODYTEC® is life changing for this Sales Manager!

See how BODYTEC® has helped Bruce Wilsnagh sales manager and weekend golfer get his swing back.

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