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Elaine Wright

Client Engagement Manager

“I have been with BODYTEC Foreshore since 2020 and I love it! The team is professional and ...

Jerome Naran

Import & Sales Manager

“I always wondered about this BODYTEC studio as I drove past it on my way home every day af...

Trevor Govender

Energy Project Development and Management Exec

“Like most people, I live a very busy life. In my case, it involves a lot of travelling and...

Sheldon Pentz

Group Financial Manager

“I have been training at BODYTEC City Bowl since October 2021, and BODYTEC EMS training was...

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Zuraida JardineZuraida Jardine
04:18 26 Apr 24
Bodytec is an incredible workout. I marvel at how good you can feel and how impactful a 20 min session can be. Also, the crew at the CT branch are truly a delight to train with. They are warm & welcoming.
Jo-Anne LindenJo-Anne Linden
10:06 13 Feb 24
After my first session (20min) at BODYTEC City Bowl, I could immediately feel a difference versus a normal gym workout.All my muscles were activated, any tension I had in my shoulders and back were gone. It was like my muscles “woke up”.After that session I slept really well, better than I have in a very long time.It was the best thing I had done for my body and I am officially hooked on BODYTEC.I recommend that you sign up/join and enjoy all the benefits that comes with a BODYTEC workout. You will not regret it!Thank you BODYTEC City Bowl!!
10:02 06 Dec 23
As a health and fitness enthusiast, I can attest that Bodytec EMS training is a game-changer. The all-new improved fitness analytical system and wireless training suit elevate the experience, providing a comprehensive and personalized approach to fitness. Sweat and results are guaranteed, making it a must-try for anyone looking to up their fitness game.The instructors at Bodytec are not only super attentive but also incredibly knowledgeable. What sets Bodytec apart is the variety in routines—they keep things interesting and challenging, ensuring that I never feel stuck in a monotonous workout routine. This dynamic approach to fitness keeps me engaged and excited for each session, making it one of my favorite weekly workouts.Training at Bodytec City Bowl has transformed my fitness journey. The rate of my recovery has skyrocketed, and I’m witnessing muscle definition that would typically take years to achieve in a traditional gym setting. What sets Bodytec apart is the efficiency—I get an intense, full-body workout in just 20 minutes with minimal effort. It’s a time-efficient investment in my health, especially as a busy individual.The trainers are not only friendly but also professional, creating a positive and motivating atmosphere. Every session leaves me feeling great, both physically and mentally. Bodytec is more than a workout; it’s an investment in your health and well-being. I highly recommend giving it a try—experience the convenience, effectiveness, and unparalleled results for yourself!
Joe BuitendagJoe Buitendag
06:24 09 Nov 23
After years of curiosity I finally tried Bodytec and it exceeded all of my expectations. If I say that my muscles were stiff for days after the first session, it would not be an understatement. It’s become one of my favourite weekly workouts.The instructors are also super attentive and knowledgable, and I’ve never felt like I’m doing the same routine, it’s always something interesting and challenging.Great workout, great people.
Jacques WeberJacques Weber
12:22 08 Nov 23
I started Body tech a few weeks ago and it is definitely a great chance to my usual weight and cardio training. Personally, I suffer from back issues, and it has helped strengthen those muscles which were causing the constant pain.
Carlie BritzCarlie Britz
07:41 25 Oct 23
It certainly has been such a wonderful 12 months I got to spent with all of you at BodyTec! From the very first trial session I had with Yamkela, and Riaz explaining how everything works and getting me amped up to work as hard as I could, to meeting Pauline and Thaakier later. Never have I ever experienced a team as dedicated, friendly, knowledgeable and overall AMAZING as team BodyTec Citybowl!! I have thoroughly enjoyed every session I’ve had in the last year, and the changes I have seen from working hard.
Fuad WilliamsFuad Williams
09:05 13 Sep 23
Bodytec EMS training is in a league of it’s own. Since training at Bodytec City Bowl, my rate of recovery has increased massively and I’m developing muscle definition that would usually take years in the gym. What I love about training here is that I get an intense, full body workout with minimal effort in only 20 minutes. The trainers are friendly and professional, and I always walk out feeling great. It’s an investment into your health and unbelievably convenient for busy individuals such as myself. Do a trial and see for yourself!
Enoch MseleniEnoch Mseleni
13:32 05 Jun 23
Sweat and results guaranteed! As a health and fitness enthusiast BODYTEC EMS training is everything fitness has been missing. Even better with the all new improved fitness analytical system and wireless training suit! I recommend anyone to try it.
Jeane GerberJeane Gerber
13:43 07 Jan 23
Best decision I ever made! 10 years later and still going strong
Craig MullerCraig Muller
15:05 13 Dec 22
The training is incredible! It’s hard work but you can feel how it works. I have a shoulder injury and this kind of training doesn’t aggravate it at all. My trainer Yummy (Yamkela) is phenomenal and pushes you to your limits. I can already feel a difference after only 4 sessions. I highly recommend doing Bodytec!
jolene Petersjolene Peters
13:32 31 Oct 22
The staff is very professional, made me feel comfortable and made my experience really enjoyable.
Tamara BaderoonTamara Baderoon
18:43 27 Sep 22
Bodytec City Bowl has such an amazing team! They’re always greeting me by name, awesome service and spectacular training. I sweat more in this 20 minute session then what I sweat in a hours “normal” gym session. Love love love!
Akhona MthiniAkhona Mthini
18:59 12 Sep 22
I only started in April but I must say in all the sessions I’ve attended I’m always impressed, the trainers are wonderful, attentive to my needs and requests, they give you that extra needed push whilst keeping you entertained. I always look forward to my sessions. Thank you for your awesome service.❤️
robyn hauptrobyn haupt
10:32 18 Aug 22
I have been attending Bodytec Citybowl for the past two months and must say that it has become one of my favourite places to visit and I look forward to the 20 minutes of intense but fun workout every week. Khumo and Yamkela are amazing trainers – always super friendly, informative and they are such great motivators! I’ve already started feeling stronger in these sessions and able to do some of the movements with more confidence. I am definitely excited to see how I continue to progress over the next few months. Thanks team citybowl!
Nelson RomanNelson Roman
14:42 14 Jun 22
Had the pleasure of a trial session at this facility. The trainers and staff are extremely professional, knowledgeable and engaging. The facility is state of the art and hygienic. The session itself was an hour long including the 20min workout and boy what a workout it was. I was skeptical at first but I definitely felt it at the end of my session. I would highly recommend bodytec for anyone looking to achieve or build upon their fitness goals. I’ll certainly be back for another session. Thanks for having me, bodytec!
Attila KadikoyAttila Kadikoy
14:12 12 May 22
First time I have constantly shown commitment to any such membership and as and as a result have witnessed real result. The BODYTEC team are fantastic and make this a great way to reach your fitness goals. Highly recommended everyone to at least try it out!
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