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BODYTEC Douglasdale

The BODYTEC Douglasdale studio is conveniently located in the Douglasdale Village Shopping Centre. This vibey shopping centre boasts several restaurants, Woolworths, banks and many interesting speciality shops. You’ll find us on the top floor right next door to Sorbet.

Studio owner

Owner: Shaun Smith

What our members say


Julie Hutchins | Financial services

Along with my dietician, therapists and new positive frame of mind, BODYTEC was and is the life injection I so desperately needed to put me in gear to take those critical and vital steps on my new life journey to transform myself into an overall healthy person I  know I’m destined to become! 

Dr. Ashiqa Atiya | Specialist Anaesthesiologist

I investigated EMS and came across BODYTEC and I was hooked after the first session. It seemed too good to be true after all. I decided to try BODYTEC and I was hooked after the first session. It felt like it was working from day one. 3 weeks later, I noticed that my back pain was much better than it used to be before.

Eileen Geldhof | Business Owner

I highly recommend BODYTEC Douglasdale to build muscle and strength. Wonderful staff and they know their stuff. Even better is, it only takes 20 mins a week and really works.

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