BODYTEC Bassonia

BODYTEC Bassonia is located at the Comaro View Shopping Centre which has a host of enticing restaurants, from sushi, to Mugg & Bean, and stores including Woolworths and Clicks. Very central and very convenient, it’s a great place to do your weekly shop after a 20-minute EMS training session at BODYTEC!

Studio Owner

Owner: Keenan De Kock

What our members say

Inge Smith | Article clerk

BODYTEC has helped me increase my strength and performance. The benefits of EMS training are endless as it manages to target muscle groups we usually battle to activate.


Roxy Burger gave BODYTEC a try after giving birth to her daughter

New moms can try BODYTEC too! After you have a doctor’s clearance after a natural or c-section birth, you are welcome to train! Watch Roxy Burger give it a try – this is her experience with BODYTEC.

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