Staying Healthy at the Office

Now that everyone is back at work after a well-deserved break, the challenge of staying healthy at the office is once again a worry, even if it is just at the back of everyone’s minds. Considering we spend up to 85% of our time at work, staying healthy at the office should be a priority, and it definitely doesn’t have to be difficult either.

We’ve got easy ways to stay healthy at the office in 2018!


Most people have jobs that are desk-bound which tend to put strain on your hamstrings, hips, spine and lower back muscles. Sitting for long hours at a time can make these muscles weak and cause many aches and pains. The best way to combat this is to stand and walk around when you can. Take as many tea and toilet breaks as you can without disrupting your productivity and consider investing in a standing desk.


Because you are going to sitting for long hours, it’s best to ensure that when you do sit, you sit properly. A decent chair helps your posture and back muscles. Research the benefits of a decent chair versus a yoga ball, or you could really invest in your posture and opt for standing desk.


In high-stress or fast-paced careers, it may be necessary to function on coffee, but drinking water is a good way to keep healthy. If you’re not keen on eliminating your caffeine-fix completely, try drinking two glasses of water for every one cup of coffee. You could also invest in a trendy water bottle and print time goals to stick on the bottle and try reaching that line of water by a certain time of day.


Having a busy work week can make it tempting to avoid packed lunches and simply order or buy food at work. This may be more convenient, but it’s also unhealthier and more expensive. Packing a home cooked meal saves you money, and means you eat less fast food and food that is cooked in oil. You can also control the ingredients that go into your lunch making it healthier as well. Ordering or buying food also means you’re less likely to enjoy healthy snacks as the easiest option is to buy a packet of chips or sweets from the lunch lady. Pack in nuts and fruit from home instead.


Working in an office environment means working under air conditioners and being surrounded by lots of people who bring a host of germs. Get enough sleep, wash your hands regularly at work and make sure you’re eating whole foods to keep your immune system fighting.


This may seem like an odd one but emotional health is just as important and being sucked into daily gossip can be detrimental to your health. Rather avoid gossipy conversations and try to have constructive conversations with everyone, even if it’s a confrontational conversation. You’ll be happier, less worried about what they could be saying about you, and less emotionally drained by what everyone else is talking about and going through.

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