Spring cleaning hacks for a good workout

Spring Cleaning

Taking time to clean your home can give you a deeper appreciation of the space you’re in. If you’re planning a spring clean, this also means that you’ll get a good workout, crossing calorie-burning chores off your task list.

Here are some tasks that we recommend adding to your list for a cleaning day that doubles as a great training session:

Use baking soda to stretch and remove grout between lines

No need to shop for detergents when you have fast-acting, natural baking soda in your household. Use water and baking soda mixture with a small scrubbing brush or toothbrush to renew the lines between all the tiles in your home. This should be a great upper body workout and will leave you with a sense of accomplishment when you’ve completed it.

Vacuum your mattress

Experts suggest giving your bed a complete once over at least every 6 months to ensure that you don’t have any unwanted guests joining you in bed. Vacuuming your mattress from side to side will be another great upper body workout, not to mention the manual lifting and flipping. Squat when packing the dishwasher

Not everyone has a dishwasher but for those who do, your machine will be packed and ready to start if you squat while listening to your favourite music. Pay attention to form so that you’re not hurting your back and add extra reps to remove the dishes once it’s been cleaned.

Clean windows on overcast days to avoid sun streaks

Did you know that washing windows on sunny days can cause streaks to form on your windows? Choose a day when the weather is overcast. Temperatures will be low and this will give you an opportunity to improve blood flow as your body works harder to warm you up on a colder day.

Do mountain climbers to polish the floors

Tackle these mountain climbers with caution. Place cleaning cloths under your feet while in position. Move your feet back and forth to polish the floor while also strengthening your arms, legs, and core.

Are you up for the challenge? We’d love to see your spring cleaning in action. Tag us in your photos on Facebook or Instagram.

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