Should you be carb conscious? + Stand to WIN

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Who are you counting on for the right nutrition advice? While some may say, eat the cake – life is short, others credit low-carb living to multiple health benefits. What should you do?

Let’s delve into the definition and benefits of a carb-conscious diet to help you decide.

Being carb-conscious refers to monitoring and limiting the amount of simple carbohydrates you consume such as sweets, white rice and pasta, while embracing a moderate intake of complex carbs such as brown rice, sweet potatoes, oats and butternut. Since our bodies need carbohydrates for fuel, a low-carb rather than no-carb diet is the healthier route.

Is carb-conscious life for you?

We’ve partnered with nutrition and wellness expert, Lisa Raleigh, to offer BODYTEC members exclusively discounted nutrition guides such as her Elimin8 cleanse and customised healthy eating plans with optional one-on-one support.

Lisa has loved her BODYTEC EMS training for nearly 10 years and has made it her mission to help others live their healthiest life. Her approach to nutrition is simple and highly effective: start a 10-day guided cleanse which involves eliminating eight foods from your diet. This helps you understand which foods your body is receptive and sensitive to.

The cleanse is then followed by one of 5 eating-plan variations that is best suited to your needs and dietary preferences – one of which is the carb-conscious lifestyle.


What people say about joining Lisa Raleigh’s programs

“I have developed new healthy habits that are sustainable. It was a huge eye-opener for my hubby and I as to how amazing you can feel when your body has gone through the cleanse.”  –  Kay-Leigh Connoway

“I understand my body’s response to food so much better. Once you eliminate your usual foods and research alternative recipes, you realise how many amazing meals there are to experience.”  – Hernéne du Plessis


Want to get 26% off nutrition guidance with Lisa Raleigh?

Sign up for a BODYTEC membership and chat with your studio team about how to claim this offer.

Major reasons to be carb-conscious

Reduce inflammation

All the carbohydrates we consume convert to sugar which is either used to fuel our body’s functions or stored for future use. The more carbohydrates we consume, the higher our risk of creating an imbalance of blood sugar levels, which leads to inflammation in the body that develops as chronic physical symptoms such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, muscle pain, and irritable bowel syndrome to name a few.

Weight loss

If your goal is to lose weight a carb-conscious diet may be for you. As we reduce the amount of carbs we eat, our bodies start using our stored fat as fuel. This means more weight loss in the right places.

Less hunger

Have you ever noticed how hungry you feel after eating lots of carbs? Often after having lots of carbs, especially refined carbs for supper, you may wake up feeling exceptionally hungry the next day. Reducing carbs and increasing good fats and proteins means that you’ll feel satiated for longer and not overeat.

Lisa Raleigh WIN

BODYTEC members stand a chance to WIN a BODYTEC x Lisa Raleigh hamper valued at R1 699

To enter:  Buy a Lisa Raleigh healthy eating plan at 26% off via the BODYTEC x Lisa Raleigh collab page before the end of June 2021.

Prize includes:

BODYTEC gym bag, no-spill coffee cup and notebook (worth R700)


Lisa Raleigh Healthy Snack Pack (worth R999)

A selection of Lisa’s favourite snack alternatives, including the ultimate “chocolate milk”, Buchu waters, vegan Peri-Peri sauce, a coffee substitute made from FIGS and various dried fruits, vegetable biltong and broths. Nothing but the flavour and superfood power, all in one box.


To buy your Lisa Raleigh healthy eating plan & be entered to win:

  • Existing BODYTEC members – chat to your studio team about how to get access to the exclusive offers or navigate here. (Hint: you’ll still need to chat to your studio team to receive the password that unlocks the exclusive LR x BT offers)
  • Not yet a BODYTEC member? Sign up this month to get access to this exclusive offer!


Find out more about the BODYTEC x LR partnership here.

Good luck!

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