5 Questions with Sandra Leyck: BODYTEC Co-Founder and Franchise Director

Sandra Leyck | BODYTEC Franchise Director & Co-Founder

In the fast-paced world of fitness, finding a workout that fits your lifestyle and goals can be a challenge. That’s why BODYTEC, a premier fitness concept using state-of-the-art Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology, has gained popularity among health and fitness enthusiasts in South Africa. In this blog post, BODYTEC’s Co-Founder and Franchise Director, Sandra Leyck, gives insights into the brand’s success and the benefits of becoming a BODYTEC franchisee.

Why start BODYTEC?

Sandra Leyck, a trail runner and outdoor enthusiast, understands the struggle of finding a workout routine that aligns with her interests. As she began to need more cross-training and strength exercises, she found herself intimidated by traditional gyms. However, she was hooked when her husband introduced her to EMS training in 2010. The 20-minute EMS training session per week, under the guidance of a personal trainer, proved to be the perfect solution.

Why franchising?

When asked about the decision to franchise BODYTEC, Sandra Leyck emphasised the scalability and efficiency it brings to the brand. By partnering with franchisees in various regions, the Brand can tap into local market knowledge while leveraging their national experience and brand recognition. This collaborative approach allows the group to focus on what they love most: building a premier fitness concept and brand.

Why join BODYTEC as a franchisee?

“If you have a passion for health and wellbeing and enjoy working in the fitness industry, joining BODYTEC as a franchisee could be the perfect fit. Being your own boss whilst taking advantage of an existing support framework minimises the risks typically associated with starting your own business. Additionally, as a BODYTEC franchisee, you gain exclusive access to the most advanced EMS technology on the market, the SYMBIONT Smart Training System. This cutting-edge technology sets BODYTEC apart from the competition,” says Sandra.

What are the investment costs?

Sandra provides transparency on the investment costs for starting a BODYTEC franchise. The upfront franchise fee is R108K, and setting up a key-ready studio will cost around R350K. It’s important to have a working capital of R120K when starting, bringing the total investment to only R578K.

What are the requirements for success?

Sandra highlights the importance of an owner-driven studio to ensure the success of each BODYTEC franchise. Owners can choose to personally deliver training or focus purely on managing the studio’s day-to-day operations and driving local marketing initiatives with the full support of the head office team, but either way, being hands-on in the running of the studio is crucial for success. Location is another crucial factor in a studio’s chances of success. The BODYTEC team is there to assist franchisees in finding the right location for their studio.

BODYTEC has changed South Africa’s fitness industry with its time-efficient workouts and cutting-edge EMS technology. If you are passionate about health and fitness and are looking for a low-risk opportunity to be part of a premier fitness brand, starting your own BODYTEC studio might be the perfect fit.

For more information about BODYTEC franchise opportunities or to express your interest, simply complete the contact form here, and the franchise team will be in touch.

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