TV Presenter Roxy Burger: New Mom, New Woman

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Having a baby is a life-altering experience, in many ways.

It changes you emotionally, socially and physically, and many new moms find that each facet that changes is linked to the next one in some way.

Roxy Burger gave birth this year to a beautiful baby girl, and turned to BODYTEC EMS training in an effort to get stronger physically, as well as emotionally and mentally.

Roxy explained the biggest change she’s seen since having her baby; “From a physical perspective obviously the weight gain is something to contend with but I’m learning to love myself as a mom – and the fact that my body gave me a beautiful baby is something to be very proud of,” she says. “Time is now of the essence so when it comes to training I really need to be ‘cost effective’ with my hours. Balancing work life and mom life is a challenge!”

Many moms struggle with finding time for themselves, which makes BODYTEC a time-saving option for moms. “Finding time as a mom is super tough, but in the beginning when I was still on maternity leave, we would go for lots of long walks which were great,” explains Roxy. “I love the fact that EMS training is so quick! It’s a plus in my busy schedule – especially with baby’s arrival.”

Naturally, the shape of exercise changes as moms do, which can prove challenging sometimes. With birthing options including natural and C-section births, both ways of giving birth come with their recovery times post-birth and this needs to be taken into consideration. “You do have to become more creative when thinking about what you can and can’t do as a new mom,” says Roxy. “But where there’s a will there’s a way. I was lucky that I gave natural birth so I haven’t had too many physical limitations that you’d normally experience with a C-section delivery.  

Roxy encourages all new moms to try their best to fit exercise in. “Exercise is not only physically beneficial but mentally too. I always joke that the best kind of mom is a sane mom so do what you need to do for you,” she says.  “Be selfish every now and then and do something for you. Don’t lose the weight for anyone else – do it because you want to.”

Read more of our Your Life blog posts, and find your nearest BODYTEC studio here.

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