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Nedbank Trial | BODYTEC
Nedbank Trial | BODYTEC
Nedbank Trial | BODYTEC

Nedbank clients get 75% off their first EMS session at BODYTEC!

Pay only R50 for your first training session.

Nedbank Trial | BODYTEC

The best time to work on your health and fitness is NOW! Try this low-impact, high-intensity 20-minute strength training using EMS- technology that activates up to 90% of your muscles at the same time.

Why BODYTEC? • Personalised, low-impact EMS strength training for your whole body. • Only 20-minutes per week. • Maximum 2 people training at a time; minimal exposure risk. • Exceptional hygiene & safety standards. • Feel results within 4-6 weeks*.


This offer is for Nedbank clients only. Available online only. This discount cannot be exchanged for cash and is valid once-off only if you are new to BODYTEC. Please read the list of contraindications in the T&Cs before completing payment. Results may vary.

If you have any problems or questions, please email [email protected].

Get this offer now

Complete the form below and make payment via the secure PayFast link provided at the end of this form to sign up for this offer. Fields marked with * are required.

Sorry, this offer has expired. Stay tuned for future offers.

Ts&Cs for BODYTEC Nedbank 75% Off on Trial Offer 2021 referred to as “The Trial Offer” below:

  • The Trial Offer is only valid if payment is made, using the link provided below, and cleared by BODYTEC Your Time Your Fitness (this might take up to 3 days to verify depending on your bank).
  • The Offer includes:
    • 1 EMS Trial session 
    • Free training garment hire and laundry service
  • The Trial Offer can only be redeemed once per person, and sessions are not transferable once allocated to a specific person
  • The Trial Offer can only be bought online between 1 November 2021 and 31 October 2023.
  • The Trial Offer has to be redeemed at the Home studio (studio indicated in your order form) within 3 months of purchase date.
  • The Trial Offer session will expire if not redeemed within 3 months of purchase date.
  • The Trial Offer needs to be activated via an assessment in-studio and signing of indemnity form at the Home studio (the studio indicated in your order form) before the session can commence.
  • The Trial Offer must be redeemed at the Home studio (the studio indicated in your order form), National membership does not apply
  • The Trial Offer is not refundable (please read contra-indications below)
  • The Trial Offer cannot be bought directly at the BODYTEC studios but has to be purchased via this online link only
  • Persons redeeming The Trial Offer have to be 18 years or older, and not be suffering from any of the contraindications listed below, or obtain necessary medical approval.
  • NOTE: EMS training is not allowed or can only be permitted after obtaining medical approval in case of certain conditions. Please read our below contraindications carefully before purchasing this deal:
    • EMS training is not allowed with the following conditions:
      • Pacemaker
      • Pregnancy
      • Acute illness; fever, acute bacterial/viral infection, acute inflammatory processes (e.g. arthritis, malign tumours, cancer)
    • EMS training will only be permitted for the following conditions after obtaining medical approval:
      • Circulatory disorders, acute stroke, stent, thrombosis and cardiovascular disease (e.g. arteriosclerosis)
      • Bleeding, bleeding tendency, haemophilia
      • Diabetes mellitus
      • Abdominal wall hernia or inguinal hernia
      • Severe neurological disorders (e.g. epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)
      • Acute operation (within 8 weeks)
BODYTEC 2023. Terms & Conditions apply.
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