Power up your cycling with EMS training

It is well known that general endurance sports such as cycling have firm training attention focused on covering large amounts of distances on a weekly basis to improve their cardiovascular capacity. Regardless of the distance covered on a weekly basis, cyclists often neglect to include enough strength training into their training routine.

The general posture of cyclists in that constant leaning forward position doesn’t negatively affect performance but can become detrimental to cyclists’ natural posture in the long term.

With cycling being dominant in the movements of the lower body, an all-round strength training approach can significantly assist cyclists in their performance as well as in long-term injury prevention.

BODYTEC EMS Training provides an efficient whole-body strength workout which can complement cyclists’ training routines and fill the void of strength training in a mere 20 minutes per week.

The benefits of EMS training for Cyclists

Low impact, high rewards

Low impact training which means there is no added pressure or force on the joints which reduces the risk of injury generally associated with high-intensity strength training. This is something BODYTEC EMS training does very well as we can push members through their intense training sessions without compromising the joints of the body.

Core strength and posture

Increase in core strength, this includes abdominals, lower back, upper back and glute muscles which is important in creating a stable center (core, pelvis) as well as the much-needed upper back activation to counter the general postural imbalances of cyclists.

Injury prevention

Due to the muscles used in cycling, cyclists often unknowingly develop an imbalance of different muscles groups. This imbalance can lead to pain in the knees, hips and lower back and in severe cases even into the calf muscles and Achilles tendon. By strengthening the muscles around the hips, core and underused parts of the legs, it’s possible to reduce the incidence and frequency of pain and injury in these areas.

Muscle strength and strength-endurance

Increased activation of fast-twitch muscle fibres which enhances muscle strength. Regular EMS training increases strength endurance which allows the muscles used whilst cycling to be more economical with the energy they use, in turn resulting in an increase in overall cycling performance for longer periods of time.

“Regular EMS training helps me a lot with overall body conditioning by strengthening all parts of my body. This strength conditioning is particularly helpful in stage races when the days are long and one needs endurance and strength to support and get your body to the end of the race,” – Digby Ryder, Avid Mountain biker and competitor.

BODYTEC EMS training is a workout that places no strain on joints, using a medically approved Electro Muscle Stimulation training device under the supervision of qualified personal trainers.

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