Why you need to start using phytonutrients?


You were always told to eat your veggies, but do you know why? Plants contain natural chemicals known as phytonutrients that can help you maintain optimal health.

What are phytonutrients?

Phyto, meaning plant, produces natural chemicals to protect itself from insects and the sun. These chemicals are responsible for the colour we see in fruit and vegetables, and can also be found in nuts, beans, spices, whole grains, and tea.

Experts say that there are thousands of phytonutrients found in plants but five phytonutrients, in particular, are renowned for their positive effects on the human body.

Types of phytonutrients


Carotenoids are known for their immune-boosting benefits and protection against harmful free radicals. Our bodies convert these – usually yellow and orange foods – to vitamin A, which can help you reduce inflammation, maintain good eyesight, protect you against heart disease and lower your risk of developing cancer.
Foods such as carrots, papaya, sweet potato, and pumpkin are rich in carotene and are best absorbed with fat. Cooking these foods in coconut oil for example will help you better absorb the nutrients.


Nearly all vegetables, herbs, and fruit contain flavonoids but red and purple foods are the most popular ones. Flavonoids are also renowned for having antioxidant benefits, as well as alleviating conditions such as hay fever, asthma, and eczema.
Experts say that the more vibrant a food’s colour is, the higher the flavonoid content.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin

Lutein and Zeaxanthin are found in mostly green and yellow vegetables. They support eye health, protecting your eyes from age-related conditions, and can act as a natural sunblock by absorbing excess light energy.


Great at fighting infections due to its antimicrobial activity, Allicin can be found in garlic and is best obtained by consuming it crushed and uncooked.
Studies show that the antioxidant properties in garlic may reduce the risk of brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

How to to get all nutrients at once

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to choose nutrient-dense meals with so many mouth-watering, yet barely nutritious fast food options available. Many brands that market themselves as healthy options are still packed with sugar and lack nutritional value.

However, over the last 30 years, doctors have scientifically proven that a single-source formula, namely NAD+ PLUS Phyto, which contains phytonutrients from over 380 plants, has the capability to repair DNA, enhance immunity, alter metabolism, and offer anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is a molecule in your body that enables life on a cellular level. Every life form has NAD and with NAD+ PLUS Phyto your life, health, strength, speed, and performance can vastly improve. It is also 100% natural, easy to use, and designed to provide essential nutrients at a cellular level.

NAD+ PLUS Phyto is an oral spray formulation that can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream and is safe for the whole family. According to Dr Francois Van Wyk, the easiest and most effective way to get these phytochemicals is to spray NAD+ PLUS Phyto in your mouth multiple times a day.

Some other benefits of just three daily sprays include healthy ageing, improving concentration and mental clarity, protection against the sun’s rays and free radicals harmonising energy levels, and modulating your body’s NAD levels.

Are you eager to improve energy levels, boost your immune system, reduce pain and reverse signs of ageing?

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FirstNAD testimonials:

Tanya Roux (Health & Fitness)
“My journey on discovering all the incredible aspects of NAD has been nothing short of eye-opening! Our bodies are so amazing and to have access to an affordable product that assists and enhances our bodies’ natural healing processes, especially as we grow older, is a true gift and one we must share with the world!

Andrew Rothschild (Sweat1000)
Been so strong, energy levels are high, my body recovering well, and loving the product. It’s amazing!

John Mcgrath (Body & Mind Coach)
Since taking the NAD range of products at the beginning of this year I have not missed a day’s work or a training session because of fatigue or illness. Health is a new Wealth.

Juandre Kruger (Springbok rugby player)
My whole family benefits from NAD+ Phyto. I believe being healthy at the cellular level is the basis of a healthy body & lifestyle. Sublingual oral spray absorption for a fast reaction when our cells need it most.

Arnu Fourie (Paralympic Gold Medalist)
Cellular performance at the highest level. Healthy cells are where it all starts.

Stefan Terblanche ( Former Springbok)
I’ve always enjoyed staying healthy and fit and had the opportunity to play professional sport for nearly 20 years. I loved every moment of it but continued to stay fit and healthy after my life as a professional sportsman. As we get older we need to adapt and adjust our lifestyle and training methods to get the same results. I’ve always strived to give my body the best chance of performing well when I train but also to best recover after a tough session. The motto “I look after my body and my body will look after me” rings true for me. I honestly believe that with a daily dose of NAD Phyto Elixir I feed my body with the right amounts of nutrients and over 300 botanicals that are needed to stay healthy and fit. I strongly recommend this as part of your daily routine no matter how old or fit.

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