Our favourite fitness stories of the year

If you can feel your motivation flagging, or just want to add some fun to your fitness routine, discover the health stories that got us talking the past year.

The “faulty” Fitbit that predicted a pregnancy

David and Ivonne Trinidad from Brooklyn, New York decided a pair of Fitbit devices were just what they needed to get their health back on track. But when the couple set up their devices, Ivonne’s stream of strange data led her to believe her watch was faulty. Trinidad said his wife’s heart rate was above 100 beats per minute for most of the day and that the device had indicated she had been burning fat for an unusually long 10 hours. He went online to check out the troubleshooting advice and “bingo”, the only solution was that they were expecting.

Our favourite fitness stories of the year | BODYTEC

The inspiring double-amputee who is beyond amazing

Dan Nevins, an army veteran, lost both his legs after complications from injuries sustained while on active duty in Iraq. He turned to yoga to help both his emotional and physical healing, and has emerged as a yogi star with a huge Instagram following. Add Dan to your list of Oh-mazing people of the year!

Our favourite fitness stories of the year | BODYTEC

The flash mob proposal at the gym

Nico and Michael took a giant leap from gym buddies to life partners when Nico proposed to his other half during a gym session – the same place the adorable couple met. Check it out here.

Our favourite fitness stories of the year | BODYTEC


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