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Mother’s Day ideas during lockdown

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BODYTEC Mother's Day

Mother’s Day in the time of COVID-19 and worldwide lockdown and social distancing may look a little different to our usual celebrations. With some of us separated from our moms over this time and others simply not having access to the gifts they’d like to spoil their mom with due to ongoing restrictions on the sales of non-essential goods, we have to get creative with our ideas of special things to do for or with Mom.

Here are a few of our top picks for gifting Mom with the perfect Mother’s Day gift, whether you’re spending it together or are celebrating her from afar:

If you can spend the day with Mom:

  • Indoor spa night

Does mom love to get pampered? Make it a fun night for all! Get your spa goodies and treat Mom to a night of pampering indoors.

  • (Indoor) picnic

This can be done indoors, or if the weather and your property allow, in your back or front garden. Make some of Mom’s favourite snacks, and bring out a blanket and cushions to make her comfortable. Find a sunny spot and laze about as you would on a regular picnic.

  • Online cooking or baking class

Nothing makes memories like cooking or baking together! Stream an online baking tutorial for yourself and Mom – We promise it will be loads of fun, not to mention a great way to bond.

  • Movie Night

Does your mom have a movie or movies that she LOVES to watch every now and then? Perhaps there is a new movie out that you know she would enjoy – Make a night of it with some finger foods and drinks. This can even be done on a projector in your home if you would really like the “cinema” experience.

  • Buy Mom a post-lockdown BODYTEC trial

You just LOVE your BODYTEC sessions and think Mom would too? Why not book her a post-lockdown trial for Mother’s Day?

  • Host a tea party

Bake some of Mom’s favourite treats and sandwiches for a tea party, especially for her. There are many cute ideas for tea parties.

  • Create a personal puzzle

Has your mom got a favourite family portrait? Or perhaps there’s an image of Mom that you have always loved. Create a puzzle with this image on it to make Mom’s day.

  • Mimosas and games

Lockdown has us all feeling a bit off at times. Make Mom’s day a bit more fun with some of her favourite board games and mimosas (if you have bubbly left).

  • At-home wine tasting

This, of course, will only be possible if you have stocked up on wine before the lockdown occurred – If so, this is perfect for you and your mom! Gather some of her favourite wines, and have an at-home wine tasting. This could turn into a fun game of “guess the wine”.

  • Start a herb garden

Does your mom love gardening? Start a herb garden with her – this is also bound to give you both something to do during the rest of lockdown and it’s a sweet project you can both do together.

Celebrating Mother’s Day from afar:

  • Virtual baking/cooking

Recently seen a YouTube tutorial you think your mom would love? Send Mom your recipe ideas and video call while you both try it!

  • Virtual BODYTEC workout

So you’ve seen our new home workout videos and would love to try them? Get Mom to join you with some of our basic level home workout videos watching these videos virtually with Mom will be done the same way as with virtual cooking/baking

  • Virtual picnic/brunch

The same as virtual baking/cooking, you can have a picnic with Mom – All you’ll both need is a device to video call one another and some of your favourite snacks!

  • Gift a subscription

Know your mom loves a certain store or activity? Gift her a subscription or gift card.

Even better, gift her some BODYTEC training!

  • Send a care package

Worried about being away from Mom on such a special day? Send her some care items or items that she loves.

  • Send a memory jar

Collect or write down some of your favourite moments with Mom and put them in a memory jar. You could put old images or items in the jar which are special to both you and Mom. Even if mom only receives this after lockdown, she will love it!

  • Virtual painting class

Painting together can be so much fun and a great way to bond! A bit more complex than some of the virtual ideas above, you’ll need a device to video call Mom as well as a device to follow the class in a way that you both can see. For example, if you both have tablets you can stream the class from the tablet and video call each other from your cellphones.

  • Virtual run/jog/home workout

As with the above idea, this will require a bit more technological effort but it will definitely be fun and worth it! Here are some sites you can choose from, or you can try out one of our 20-minute BODYTEC home workout videos.

  • Buy Mom a BODYTEC trial

You just LOVE your BODYTEC training and think Mom would too? Why not book her a post-lockdown trial for Mother’s Day? Click here to find her closest studio and book.


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