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Maintaining optimal health with Miss SA Contestants

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Miss South Africa

August marks a significant period for women in  South African history. More than 60 years ago, 20 000 women marched to the Union Buildings to protest against apartheid regulations, especially the control of people of colour through the use of passbooks. 

Women were the ones who marched, and they remain the mos6t impacted by the aftermath of segregation. 

Societal norms that afforded men more opportunities in the past still lurk within contemporary South Africa, so it is up to us to ensure that we are promoting equality and working towards embodying the best and truest versions of wellbeing to our communities.

When it comes to standing up for ourselves and what we believe in, overcoming fears, and staying motivated despite the challenges that come our way, what separates those who thrive from the ones who don’t is a matter of perspective and rituals to develop physical and mental strength. 

Three inspiring women in particular who are models of wellbeing are the reigning Miss South Africa, Shudufhadzo Abigail Musida, and her fierce runners-up, Natasha Joubert and Thato Thelma Mosehle, familiar faces at BODYTEC Morningside, BODYTEC Centurion, and BODYTEC Atholl. 

What most people don’t know 

Maintaining optimal health with Miss SA Contestants | BODYTECAs an Entrepreneur and Fashion Designer who structures her day according to goals and set time frames, Natasha loves starting the day with a morning training session, followed by business admin and client meetings. 

For her, optimal health means maintaining a hobby that you enjoy, having a balanced diet, and training regularly. “After one [BODYTEC] session I am so stiff, I can’t walk for days! It shows how much your muscles are working in just 20 minutes.”

Miss SA runner upMedical Doctor and aspiring makeup mogul, Thato, shares the same sentiments to rising early for quiet time and hospital duties, followed by an afternoon training session and indulging in her favourite TV shows to unwind in the evening. She believes that optimal health is not just about being free of disease but being in a good space spiritually and emotionally. 

Even when the fear of dealing with others’ opinions about her life arises, she stands firm in her trust of unlimited potential, which always carries her through to achieving a goal. 

Miss SA 2020

For Miss SA, Shudufhadzo on the other hand asserts herself as not much of a morning person, optimal health is obtained through happiness as well as taking care of one’s physical and mental health. She prefers to train in the afternoons or evenings and stays motivated by thinking positively and reminding herself of the bigger plans she has for her life. “I’m really goofy and that’s what people don’t know about me. The next goal that I’d like to conquer is [gaining] a recording contract and to become a singer,” she says. And with a voice like hers, we have no doubt that her dream will soon be realised. 

Using physical training for mental power

Gaining visible benefits of strength training such as lean muscle and toning, each of the ladies agrees that getting physical has contributed to their perseverance and strength in other areas of their lives. 

Shudufhado expressed her love for boxing and how EMS training has helped improve her performance in the ring, saying that BODYTEC has made her much stronger and that she likes how quick and convenient it is. Similarly, Thato credits EMS training for her strong drive to succeed. “Because I push myself at EMS training with BODYTEC, I push myself in other parts of my life too,” she said. 

Women who inspired them

Beyond personal rituals and physical efforts, Natasha and Thato credit their mothers for having the most positive impact on their lives. “She has shown strength as a single mother after my father passed away. I’ve learned the true meaning of resilience through her. She has been my backbone and my best friend”, Natasha said.

Thato describes her mother as the most ethical and hardworking person she knows, saying that her mother has taught her by example. “I value education because of her and I saw her work her way up in the police force through education.”

Setting her sights high and looking up to the woman who has achieved all that she aspires to,  Shudufhadzo sees Dr. Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka as a model of innovation. “She was the first woman to become a deputy president in SA and that’s my dream.”

What they champion

“Entrepreneurship is so important. Show women that they can be their own CEO. They can be the inventor of the next big invention,” Natasha stressed. Our Franchise partners at BODYTEC will certainly agree with this.

Want to know more about these fierce women and see what they get up to next? Check out their profiles here: 




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