Is your cellphone causing your hand pain?

Smart phone

Typical smartphone users spend hours each day holding their phones, from the minute they get up in the morning to the moment they go to bed, with little off-screen time in-between. Did you know that prolonged smartphone use can cause a lot of pain in your wrist over time? If “no” is your answer, we are here to help.

We also understand that in this day and age, it is nearly impossible not to use a smartphone, but you should be spending no more than five hours, evenly distributed throughout your day, on your hand devices.

Using your mobile phones

It is quite challenging to use your mobile devices in the same way. Therefore, the risk of injury remains the same or even increases. Any repeated activity or incorrect posture may result in pain or injury.

First and foremost, relax your wrist, since this is part which is most immediately impacted by smartphone use. Straighten your wrists as much as possible and alter your gripping style. When you grasp your phone on the sides and use both thumbs, you impose extra strain on your wrists. When texting or swiping, set your phone on a level surface whenever feasible. Or, you may hold it with one hand while using the other to write and browse the device’s myriad applications.

In addition, maintaining a straight elbow helps protect healthy blood flow to the fingers. Many individuals with visual impairments regularly move their phones closer to their faces by bending their elbows. If this applies to you, ensure that you are using the correct prescription glasses for distant viewing of your screen.

Follow the tips below to ease pain or injury on your wrist:

1. Perform a series of “smartphone stretches”

It is critical to take a break from continual phone usage. While taking these pauses, stretch your wrist, hand tendons, and muscles forward and backwards to maintain their flexibility.

2. Apply a hot or cold cloth to the affected area

Applying cold water will help relax the tendons and muscles surrounding your arm. A cold compress is better than a hot one because a hot one can cause swelling and more throbbing pain if the pain lasts for more than a week.

3. Therapeutic massage

Massages may assist in dissolving the ball-like muscles and calming muscular spasms. Simply massage your hand and the surrounding area, to disperse any tension or knots.

4. Give your thumb a break

The thumb is perhaps the most frequently used finger, which may result in thumb arthritis, tendonitis, and contractures. To avoid “texting thumb,” alternate typing on the screen with your other fingers. Additionally, a stylus pen might help with keeping your wrist straight.5. Use your phone’s hands-free functions.

Switch to voice-to-text mode on your phone as often as possible to give your weary fingers, hands, and wrists a break.
If you have hand pain from using smartphones for long periods, you can save yourself years of pain by making changes to your life, such as spending less time on the phone and other hand devices.

By using the tips above, you can cut down on your pain and make it less likely that you will hurt your hand, temporarily or permanently.



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