Improve your golfing game with BODYTEC and Wunderpar

Wunderpar and BODYTEC collaboration

Are you a devoted golfer looking to elevate your game?

While golf may not be as physically demanding as other sports, it can create muscle imbalances due to its unilateral nature. This chronic build-up of weaknesses can have a detrimental impact on your golf performance and overall well-being. That’s where BODYTEC electro-muscle stimulation (EMS) training comes in!
BODYTEC’s EMS training provides a full-body, high-intensity interval strength workout in just 20 minutes per week. The best part? You don’t need any additional weight-bearing equipment, making it low-impact and highly effective. Not only will you experience strength and postural improvements, but you will also enjoy the bonus of flexibility enhancements.

Benefits of BODYTEC EMS Training for Golfers:

  • Improved intramuscular coordination
  • Increased driving power
  • Strengthened core and posterior chain
  • Enhanced neglect of stabilisers in the body
  • Increased flexibility
  • An all-around injury prevention approach

Now for some exciting news! We have teamed up with Wunderpar, the game-changing golf app that rewards you while you play. It’s a match made in heaven for golf enthusiasts who want to take their game to the next level.

Introducing Wunderpar: The Innovative Golf App

Wunderpar is not just an ordinary golf app. It’s a revolutionary platform that rewards you with Wundr (a form of reward tokens) as you enjoy your game. As you earn and accumulate Wundr, these can in turn be redeemed on the app for incredible perks including golf gear, unique experiences, and more.
Golfing just got even more rewarding — you get to do what you love and earn great perks along the way.

The BODYTEC and Wunderpar Experiment

Prepare to be amazed! The team at Wunderpar joined BODYTEC for a three-month experiment to evaluate the impact of EMS training on golf performance. The goal was to determine if our 20-minute, full-body EMS strength training could truly help golfers hit the ball further and enhance their overall strength.

The Results Speak for Themselves

During the experiment, our friends at Wunderpar witnessed firsthand the remarkable benefits of EMS training. Not only did they experience improvements in muscle strength and flexibility, but they also noticed a significant enhancement in their balance and endurance. These key factors are vital for any golfer seeking to improve their game. Check out the Wunderpar team’s journey on their Instagram and TikTok.

Wunderpar team Improve your golfing game with BODYTEC and Wunderpar | BODYTEC

Train Smarter, Get Stronger, Smash further for just 40 Wundr

For a limited time only, Wunderpar users can claim a BODYTEC voucher for only 40 Wundr. The voucher entitles users to a free EMS Trial Session + Joining Fee on any BODYTEC membership, valued at a total of R470.

This exclusive offer is only available on the Wunderpar App for just 40 Wundr.

Claim it for yourself or share it with a golf-loving friend!

Ready to take your golf game to the next level? Sign up to Wunderpar before your next round to earn your Wundrs, then head over to the Wundr Shop to claim your ticket to a stronger body and golfing game.

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