Sylvia Pachulski

Meet Sylvia…

After 18 years of working for an events company in Berlin, the pioneering Sylvia decided to relocate to Cape Town four years ago. There, she found her fashion feet – an industry she has always been passionate about – and launched Cape-a-Porter.This unique shopping concept imports fashion and accessories from Italy to South Africa, where customers can shop for them at exclusive pop-up events – always in a relaxed atmosphere with a glass of bubbly and some snacks! The high-quality clothing includes delicate silk tunics, dresses, pants and stylish leather bags. Pleased with the success of her pilot project, Sylvia expanded and opened a shop in the Cape Quarter, Waterkant, Cape Town, in 2015.

Sylvia signed up for her first training session at BODYTEC City Bowl in 2012 and hasn’t looked back. “It’s been the most effective workout for my body, especially for my arms. I saw after only a couple of weeks how much more toned they were,” says Sylvia. Convenience has also been a bonus. “As the shop in the Cape Quarter is just around the corner from the BODYTEC studio, it is perfect for me to pop in for a quick training straight after work.”

Follow her on on Facebook to stay informed about upcoming events, visit her shop Cape-a-Porter at the Cape Quarter on level 0, shop 18, or online.

Sylvia trains at BODYTEC City Bowl

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