Riaz Jogee

Meet Riaz…

How this DJ turned his passion into a success…

Riaz Jogee has always been fascinated with music and how the sounds come together to form a rhythmic sequence, and then into a completed soundtrack. “About 7 years ago, my brother and I randomly came across some music production software,” explains Riaz. “We started experimenting with various devices and sounds within the software and eventually developed a deeper understanding as to how it all comes together.” Riaz then began to do more research and attended a few basic music production courses.

After many months and nights spent on accumulating and creating various audio samples, Riaz and his brother got the opportunity to play their first live set at an outdoor music festival. This opened more doors and soon they were linking up with other musicians. “We evolved into a full live band, fusing electronic music  with live instrument players collectively known as WARD 10 AND THE OUTPATIENTS,” explains Riaz with a proud smile.

Full-time, Riaz is a personal trainer and studio manager at BODYTEC City Bowl. Aside from working full-time at BODYTEC and DJing, Riaz is also passionate about being a Table Mountain hiking guide. When asked about DJing and fitness, Riaz said, “Production or DJing does not require a high level of fitness and strength apart from being able to endure the time spent performing on stage or carrying your gear. However, spending long hours in studio production and playing at various gigs can lead to bad lifestyle habits, which may include bad eating, bad posture, loss of energy and no time to exercise.”  BODYTEC has helped Riaz with being able to train consistently, complete a total body workout and still have enough time available to work on his music.

“Being able to still maintain a consistent training routine allows for better eating habits, higher energy levels and better focus,” he says

Riaz is the studio manager at BODYTEC City Bowl.

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