Natacha Greyling

Meet Natacha…

Barber and Stylist, with experience both in front and behind the cameras as both model and stylist.

As a female barber, Natacha is a rare breed in a still mostly-male dominated industry. She didn’t always want to be a barber. Her career began as a hairstylist fresh out of college from where she continuously improved her skills by adding qualifications such as nail technician and beautician to her resume. “I’ve always been into female hair, nails and beauty. I have loved being on both sides of the camera, as a stylist, as well as doing a bit of ramp modelling and a few TV shoots, so I’ve just enjoyed the energy that goes with the glam lifestyle”, says Natacha.

After returning from a 5-year hiatus in Namibia she decided that the world of Gents Barbering was taking off and wanted to be a part of it, so she became a Barber. “As a stylist, you need to write a trade test and qualify. A barber, on the other hand, is a self-taught crafts(wo)man”. The origins of barbering actually originate out of the hoods across the globe. Whether it was the Ghettos of NYC or the Cape Flats, or Nairobi or Turkey. Having grown up with 5 brothers and understanding the regime and importance of well-groomed hair, I always had an insight into what male grooming takes. Stylists are craftsmen with scissors and razors, while barbers are craftsmen with razors and clippers. “What I love most about my job now is the privilege of making my clients feel absolutely fabulous when they leave my chair, no matter what they came in for. My clients allow me into their space and trust me in that space. Whether I’m using a sharp razor or styling hair; there has to be trust”, says Natacha.

Currently, Natacha is now focused on herself and her opportunity to continue living a full life, after a long journey to get where she is today, sacrificing a lot as a mother, spouse, and all the challenges that come with our lives. “Life is about your outlook and that for me is exciting”. In her free time, Natacha is a keen MTB social rider. “It all started when we lived in Namibia for 5 years and spent many hours riding in the bush and long dusty roads as we explored all the places off the beaten track”, she says. She also enjoys regular yoga sessions to stretch out all the energies she absorbs during her workday. “It is extremely important to me to spend some inner time with me. I continually try to focus on my spiritual wellbeing”.

Natacha first discovered BODYTEC EMS training through a friend. She says, “He passionately told me about this amazing exercise that he was doing. Later I had a client who happened to be Boris Leyck, the founder and owner of BODYTEC, who arranged a complimentary session for me at the Gardens studio, and I’ve been a member ever since”. When asked about her training goals, Natacha says “My main focus is to keep my body healthy and strong. Suffering from arthritis as a result of my life long career in the beauty industry, I wanted to build my overall strength. The low-impact EMS training really works for me. I certainly feel much stronger physically, my arthritis doesn’t really bother me at all anymore and my core strength has improved significantly and has resulted in a nicely toned body that my husband is highly appreciative of. I certainly have a lot more energy and it has helped change my outlook on life and how I see myself”.

Aside from the physical and mental benefits, Natacha lists the semi-private studio environment and short training time as some of her favourite aspects. “I’m actually a very introverted person and I enjoy the privacy and intimate environment that I can workout in at BODYTEC. It’s much more personal compared to a standard gym. The trainers are very focused and professional. They are extremely competent in their technique and guiding me through my workout. It suits my personality perfectly”.

Natacha currently rents a chair at Hermanos Barbershop in Cape Town. For more details, visit www.hermanos.co.za.

Natacha trains at BODYTEC Gardens.

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It activates up to 90% of the muscles

During EMS training, 90% of muscles are activated simultaneously with each contraction.
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