Leandra Rossi

Meet Leandra…

How EMS training helps her stay strong as a mom of two, multiple business owner and wife.

As a busy mom of two, owner of two businesses and wife, Leandra Rossi has found that the delicate balance of her workload and her family life is a challenging skill. “Having two children, and having to be present in their lives, with extra murals, school functions, etc. demands a lot of time,” she explains. “Switching between the two roles can be difficult and leaving work at the office is not always that easy.”

Leandra also owns a paint company, Varcol Paints, which has been family-owned for 38 years. “We produce mainly industrial and military paints. I am appointed as the HR manager, but being a family-owned business means you end up wearing many hats and performing various jobs,” she says with a smile. With the time constraints in Leandra’s life, she was immediately enticed by the 20-minute time frame of BODYTEC. “A friend of mine had joined and told me how she gets such an amazing workout from just 20 minutes.”

After her 2nd pregnancy, Leandra had put on a lot of weight, due to a variety of issues – infertility, miscarriages, etc. “Due to the added weight, I had pains and joint problems that I’d never experienced before,” she explains. “I wanted to lose the extra weight, get rid of the various pains and find my old self again.” After a few sessions, Leandra regained muscle strength, saw her body become firmer and stronger, and felt the stiffness and pains leaving her body.

During her limited “me time,” Leandra enjoys walking and hiking, and of course, BODYTEC. “As for hobbies, at the moment, they all seem to be tied into whatever a 3 and 6 year old enjoy doing,” she says with a laugh.

Leandra trains at BODYTEC Brooklyn.

How BODYTEC EMS does more for you in 20 minutes

Stronger and more intense muscle contractions

BODYTEC uses Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to achieve stronger, more intense muscle contractions than a voluntary exertion can achieve alone.

Focuses on specific muscle groups

Your personal trainer can control each muscle group by adjusting the training intensity of the various muscle groups on the EMS device according to your individual goals.

It activates up to 90% of the muscles

During EMS training, 90% of muscles are activated simultaneously with each contraction.
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