Kwetli “Wilson” Makwetlane

Meet Kwetli…

How this managing director has boosted his energy in more ways than one..

Kwetli “Wilson” Makwetlane’s passion for people is a large factor of his business, and his running. His supply chain solutions company, Manong Management Consultants, offers a comprehensive range of logistics, procurement management, and fuel supply services. “I love what I do,” he says with a smile. “It affords me the opportunity to engage with a spectrum of entrepreneurs and hardworking people who have the ultimate goal of improving their lives and living a healthy life style.”

Kwetli attributes his energy flow to – Mind Power. “About a year ago, I attended a workshop on “Mind Power,” which had a powerful experience on my life,” he explains. He also recently read the book which has helped him to invest more in discovering new ways of tapping into his energy levels.

Having completed his 3rd Comrades Marathon in 2018, Kwetli also believes that running is both his fuel and outlet. Kwetli discovered BODYTEC from his friend, Lira, the singer and songwriter. “Initially, I wanted to try BODYTEC to become more toned and lean, but it evolved completely,” he says. “As a marathon runner, one cannot rely on endurance training only, you have to incorporate strength training as well.” BODYTEC has helped Kwetli with strength in the right muscle cores, which was proven in his 2018 Comrades Marathon performance. “My endurance training fell short at approximately 600 kilometres over 9 months, in comparison to the norm of approximately 2000 kilometres in my previous Comrades Marathons;  yet I managed to improve my time by 26 minutes and perform better than other fellow runners whose training program was as per target but unfortunately focused on endurance training only.”

Since starting BODYTEC, Kwetli says that he has become more toned and noticed an increase in strength. “BODYTEC goes hand-in-hand with my training at the Manoni Running Club – they’re two sides of the same coin.”

Kwetli trains at BODYTEC Bassonia.

How BODYTEC EMS does more for you in 20 minutes

Stronger and more intense muscle contractions

BODYTEC uses Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to achieve stronger, more intense muscle contractions than a voluntary exertion can achieve alone.

Focuses on specific muscle groups

Your personal trainer can control each muscle group by adjusting the training intensity of the various muscle groups on the EMS device according to your individual goals.

It activates up to 90% of the muscles

During EMS training, 90% of muscles are activated simultaneously with each contraction.
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