Gina Clifford-Holmes

Meet Gina…

Age really is just a number according to BODYTEC® client Gina Clifford-Holmes. Gina, a Herbalife Member for 21 years, launched an exercise programme for seniors in 2015, called Ageless Grace. “I teach 10 classes a week at three frail/health care units and three retirement homes, as well as public classes in Cape Town. The classes are a brain and body fitness programme using the science of Neuroplasticity and incorporate 21 exercises that address all aspects of ageing. Music is an integral part of the class,” she says.

Gina’s passion for health and fitness is clear, which lead to her being asked to host a weekly TV show for seniors on Deen TV, called Active & Healthy with Gina. “The programme is created specifically for our senior citizens, and incorporates 10 minutes of Ageless Grace followed with discussions and interview covering healthcare, finances, family issues, retirement homes, and the tough ones of wills, death and even sex!”

Gina describes herself as “an erratic sports person”. “I trained and ran the London Marathon in 1978 and have been recovering ever since! I have had periods of going to gym and working with a personal trainer, but don’t have time at the moment. One of the attractive features of utilising BODYTEC® was being able to exercise in a 20 minute session,” she says. She began training at BODYTEC® Steenberg a year ago after losing 18 kilograms and wanted to improve her fitness levels and tone up. “As I approach 60 in April I believe that I am in the best shape of my life. I feel better than ever and am sure that the extra sessions with BODYTEC® have contributed to getting me into great shape,” says Gina.


Gina trains at BODYTEC Steenberg

How BODYTEC EMS does more for you in 20 minutes

Stronger and more intense muscle contractions

BODYTEC uses Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to achieve stronger, more intense muscle contractions than a voluntary exertion can achieve alone.

Focuses on specific muscle groups

Your personal trainer can control each muscle group by adjusting the training intensity of the various muscle groups on the EMS device according to your individual goals.

It activates up to 90% of the muscles

During EMS training, 90% of muscles are activated simultaneously with each contraction.
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