Christian Wilderer

Meet Christian…

Christian is the host of two wonderful restaurants, La Grapperia Pizza & Bistro, on the Spice Route Wine Estate in Paarl, and Ristorante Papa Grappa at the Wilderer Distillery, Simondonium, known for its German and Italian fare, craft beers and 75+ of the region’s best wines. He got into the trade thanks to father Helmut, a Michelin-star restauranteur and widely known as South Africa’s father of craft distilling.

The father and son team moved from Germany to South Africa in 1994 and besides grappa and eau de vie, Wilderer produces a Fynbos Gin, which has been awarded with three international gold medals.

Christian keeps his life balanced and fuelled with energy with a weekly session at BODYTEC®. “I love BODYTEC®. It supplements my training in an efficient and effective way, like nothing else can. I can clearly see how it has positively influenced my ability to burn fat and strengthen my core. I recently took up road running and BODYTEC® helped me improve my endurance in a very short time.”


Christian trains at BODYTEC Paarl

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