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How hygienic is your gym bag?

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Your gym bag is like your exercise wingman – it’s at your side whether you’ve gone for a spin on your mountain bike or been training. Those sweaty socks and shoes get a regular wash, but your bag? Not so much. Unfortunately, even if the place you’ve been exercising in is spotlessly clean, your gym bag is the perfect place to breed fungi and bacteria. There’s nothing like stomach flu to set back your fitness goals, so add this routine to your life a couple of times a month.

#1 Make sure you clean it all! That plastic piece at the bottom also needs to be removed when you clean your bag.
#2 Take it outside. It needs a good couple of hours out of doors to air.
#3 Give it a wash. Hand wash it in warm water using a mild soap. Simple.
#4 Keep its shape. Place it on a dry, flat surface to dry.
#5 Wipe it down again. Use anti-bacterial wipes and remember to clean the handles. Let it dry again.

Some other tips to keep things ship shape, is to keep it clean in the first place. That means removing dirty gear afterwards (no leaving it to stew in the boot of your car overnight), keep your muddy or sweaty shoes in plastic bags inside your gym bag and of course have a spare gym bag you can use when your fave is getting washed.

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How hygienic is your gym bag? | BODYTEC


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