How Athletes are using BODYTEC EMS to boost performance

Benefits of EMS training for athletes

As an athlete, your level of strength and performance is essential.

Strength does not necessarily mean muscle mass but rather your ability to utilise extra muscle fibre to generate powerful movements.

EMS intervention has played a significant role in the development of strength for all BODYTEC members, especially professional athletes who use in-studio training to enhance on-field performance. Read more about their stories below:


Boris is the founder of BODYTEC South Africa and owns BODYTEC City Bowl. He is a recreational rider who isn’t particularly focused on intensive training but more involved with staying healthy and enjoying his sport. He realized how important strength training is after a certain age. BODYTEC EMS allows your body to improve, or in his case, maintain good core muscles and posture.


Anthony is the owner of BODYTEC Atholl who enjoys the social side of golfing and chasing that elusive “hole in one.” Golf is a low-impact sport, which is why joints are not subjected to the stresses and strains of more energetic sports like tennis and running. That is why Anthony focuses more on maintaining his flexibility and core strength. Flexibility in Golf enables a full range of motion, and maximum strength through EMS training.


Kwetli completed his 3rd Comrades Marathon in 2018. He believes that running is both his fuel and outlet. Since starting BODYTEC EMS, he has become more toned and has noticed an increase in strength. BODYTEC goes hand-in-hand with his training at the Manoni Running Club – “they’re two sides of the same coin”, he said.

Caryn is a businesswoman, a mother, and passionate about running. Running is a great way to keep fit without too much planning, as Caryn discovered. BODYTEC EMS training has been integral to her endurance and core strength.

Long jump

Koketso is a personal trainer at BODYTEC. He was inspired to guide and train our members, especially young athletes, through strength and rehabilitation exercises to help them thrive personally and professionally – not to mention his own career as a long jump and sprint athlete.

Horse riding

Chrissie, a competitive horse rider and owner of the equestrian sportswear brand, Onyx Equestrian, has already seen improvements in her strength and stamina after BODYTEC EMS training. She can continue doing what she loves while improving her strength and enhancing her performance.


Baseball may not be big in South Africa, but Kyle Botha has been batting away at the fast-paced sport for twenty-four years. EMS training helps him balance work with strength and conditioning, while still allowing him the time to perfect his game.


Hilde Lindeque, says that tennis is the ultimate mix of fun and action. BODYTEC EMS training supports tennis through increased muscle strength and endurance.


In 2018, Tobi Lochner decided to put his body to the ultimate test of not only becoming a competitive runner but a swimmer and cyclist too. BODYTEC EMS training helped him improve his overall strength and endurance as a professional athlete. Adding EMS training to his athletic abilities has empowered him to achieve greater results in a shorter period of time. He can also get more time to spend with his family and friends since traditional gym time has been reduced.

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