How AI is revolutionising exercise

“Wellness is gold!” but only a few people practise healthy habits or engage in any physical activity other than walking. In recent years, people’s attention has shifted to focus more on their health and well-being. This has been mainly caused by COVID-19, of course.

The great news is that AI (artificial intelligence) is revolutionising how we exercise. AI technology is quickly making its way into our homes and onto our bodies, from personal trainers to health coaches and home exercise equipment. Whether you’re looking for a simple app to track your workouts, revolutionary smart clothing, or even the latest fitness gadgets and wearables; there’s no doubt that artificial intelligence is the future of fitness.

AI-based Personal Trainer

When we think of the gym, one of the first things that come to mind is the idea of working with a personal fitness trainer. Despite the fact that personal trainers require a significant financial investment, some individuals opt to hire them in order to guarantee that they get the most out of their time spent in the gym. Also worth taking into consideration is the possibility that a lack of adequate guidance throughout an exercise might have a negative impact on your overall performance.

In certain instances, an artificial intelligence-driven personal trainer may be better than a human personal trainer. Al has access to more data, is more familiar with more exercises, and can measure your progress with more accuracy. It maintains or tracks all of the processes and training forms necessary for growth. If you make a mistake, an Al-based personal trainer will communicate with you and assist you in completing the exercise correctly.

Smart fitness accessories

Significant developments have been made in AI-powered solutions for smart clothes and wearables. Sensors are attached to systems that aid in correcting biomechanics (e.g. golfer swinging), upgrading an athlete’s performance metrics, and improving fitness.

One of the primary advantages of using these smart fitness accessories is that you can work out anywhere and at any time. You have no excuse to skip your exercise, whether you are on a business trip, a family vacation, or otherwise away from your normal domicile.

Diet Planning Powered by AI

AI can also aid with diet planning. The integration of artificial intelligence into fitness programs can add value to your diet and meal planning efforts. If you want to shed a particular amount of weight or reach a certain fitness goal, this AI-powered diet planning may be of assistance.

Personalised Diet Charts: Food selection is critical for accomplishing any fitness goal. According to studies, diet is more important for good health than exercise. Some of the best home workout apps will show you how to make your own diet diagrams.

The system maps and anticipates an individual’s growth, and it makes weekly adjustments based on the information it has gathered. The data modelling is based on scientific data, the experiences of human life coaches, body composition figures, adherence to the diet plan, weight change rates, hunger, fatigue, and other particular indications, among other things.

Simply by keeping track of what you eat and how much activity you receive, you can make simple choices that can have a big influence on your overall well-being.

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