How a personal trainer can help you maximise your training results

When it comes to working out, we each have our own preferences – some will only work out with a personal trainer, others consider themselves home workout gurus who don’t need anyone’s help, and there are people who just can’t decide what’s the better option because exercise is exercise, right?

Over lockdown, many of us were forced to reinvent the way we exercised and adapted in many ways to make sure we remained active and committed to our performance (and stayed sane). As things slowly return to the new normal, some may even feel that they’ve become fitness experts in their own right. However, personal trainers bring a plethora of knowledge and understanding to a workout which can usually improve the way we work out and with it, the results we ultimately reap from our training routines.

Why invest in a personal trainer rather than workout out on your own?

Personal trainers ensure that your form is correct. It is crucial in making any type of movement effective while targeting the correct muscles at the right time. It guarantees that your workout is more productive and your body can successfully use stored energy correctly. Incorrect form during training increases the possibility of injury and excess energy use, leaving your body feeling overtired, simultaneously targeting the wrong muscle groups. Resultantly, it would take longer to see physical results.

Not only does personal training improve the way your body performs but it also teaches you something brand new, it will liven up your workouts and keep you engaged and motivated from the moment you start. Variety is the spice of life and maybe that could be transferred into our workouts! Trying new things could help you reach your fitness goals a little bit quicker and doing it with a personal trainer could prevent any injuries from occurring as you do it right from the get-go.

Personal training has so many physical benefits but psychological benefits are discussed less regularly. We’ve all been there at some point; lacking motivation, feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of going to the gym or even feeling as though there is not enough time in the day and working out sinks to the bottom of our priority list.

Personal trainers help set realistic goals that have been tailored to what you’re trying to achieve. It would be ideal if getting fit was instantaneous but the reality is, it’s not. A personal trainer coaches you along the way because sometimes when we don’t see results we are discouraged and tend to backslide. The idea that someone is committed to your fitness journey as much as you are is comforting and motivating! Working towards your unique personal fitness goals allows you to feel that you are doing the best you can for your body, keeping you committed.

Maybe you are thinking that home workouts are much quicker and actually more flexible with busy schedules because you can do it anytime, anywhere. We’ve all been guilty of wandering around the gym and drifting slowly away from the plan we had when we first walked in which takes up time and postpones the inevitable. Personal trainers get you into the workout as soon as you step inside of the gym. Being a part of a gym such as Bodytec ensures you stay committed to your fitness goals and the idea of nationwide memberships keeps you going!

Most importantly we all have different goals and fitness routines that work for us so when you begin the search for a personal trainer or tailored programmes such as EMS, make sure to keep those in mind.

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