From freelance personal trainer to EMS studio owner

BODYTEC Midstream new owner

BODYTEC Silverlakes’s new owner, Wilson, has always been passionate about personal training and his dream was always to open a fitness studio of his own. After years of hard work, dedication and maintaining a positive outlook, that dream has now become reality.

Tlhakiso Wilson Mafona (32 years old), also known as “Will”, was born and raised in Atteridgeville, a township located to the west of Pretoria. Having grown up in Atteridgeville, Wilson knows a lot about township life, its challenges and the fact that most young people don’t have access to opportunities that can help them achieve their career goals.

Through his various work experiences, Wilson developed the skills and knowledge necessary to run a business and make it successful. He started his career as a fitness instructor for Virgin Active and then as a personal trainer for Planet Fitness, among other places. He subsequently joined the BODYTEC Midstream team as a freelancer, where he worked his way up to a full-time position. At this point, his enthusiasm and love for BODYTEC EMS training as a whole began to blossom. Wilson feels that he already has a positive mindset and approach that actively searches out and seeks out new opportunities, rather than waiting to be forced to adapt to change. His attitude helps him think critically, be creative, work hard, and always progress in all areas of his life.

What sparked Wilson’s entrepreneurial spirit?

“Sometimes I worry whether I’ve chosen the right career path, but I constantly remind myself that in life you can either fail or learn. I think a lot of people put this barrier in front of themselves, and what they’re really saying is, I don’t trust my ability to succeed without any hiccups. I have always been passionate, a hard worker, and someone who seeks out advice whenever possible. I have learned that I am capable of achieving amazing things. I won’t let my biggest barrier be my self-doubt,” Wilson says.

Through his various experiences, Wilson has learned that new business owners often don’t have access to professional networks of experienced business owners like he has been fortunate to have. This means that young entrepreneurs may miss out on the many benefits that can be gained from the direct influence of mentors, financial resources, and networking with industry experts and other professionals, amongst other things. Because of this, Wilson is extremely grateful that he got to meet John Gwangwa, a BODYTEC member who became his mentor and now business partner. John and his wife, Stepbina, showed interest in Wilson’s future aspirations from the start, constantly asking him about his future plans, including his short-term and long-term goals. “For me, meeting John was a blessing from God”, says Wilson.

After initially considering starting their own mobile EMS training service, Wilson and John instead jumped at the opportunity to take over BODYTEC Midstream when it arose. However, the studio closed last year because of unforeseen circumstances beyond Wilson’s control. Luckily, they found other premises in Silverlakes, and they’re gearing up to open BODYTEC Silverlakes by 8 May 2023.

Wilson says becoming a studio owner has been overwhelming, but also fulfilling. He is learning new things every day and staying motivated. He says, “Running a business is definitely no child’s play. It needs your undivided attention, determination, and self-discipline. But having the support of a solid franchise team is a huge help and provides peace of mind. It is also refreshing to know that this is all for a bigger cause, which is to create employment and enjoy what I do: To make my members stronger and healthier.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for me as I am growing every single day. I know there is so much growth and success for our new studio in Silverlakes.”

Are you interested in being a BODYTEC studio owner? BODYTEC has franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs in this fast-growing EMS sector of the fitness industry. With low start-up costs and a proven track record, a BODYTEC franchise involves low risk and high potential returns with extensive partner support. Get more info here:


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