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Studio owner

Meet Pauline, the new co-owner of BODYTEC Durbanville. Born and raised in Reunion Island, Pauline’s family is now scattered across the globe. In 2004, her parents made the bold move to South Africa, a completely unfamiliar country to them at the time. Pauline embarked on a journey of learning English and completed her high school education in Port Elizabeth before matriculating in 2009 in Cape Town.

Now residing in Blouberg with her partner Charl and their fur babies Sherlock and Mr Leonard, Pauline enjoys the best of both worlds – surfing at the beach and riding dirt bikes in the bush.

studio owner            studio owner

Pauline’s journey with BODYTEC began in May 2015 when she was a member of Virgin Active and a former BODYTEC personal trainer, introduced her to the BODYTEC dream. Initially, the idea of becoming a studio owner seemed unattainable and unrealistic to Pauline. However, as she continued to grow outside of BODYTEC, she realised that the opportunities aligned with her mindset and aspirations. She was ready, and she wanted it.

The transformation in Pauline’s mindset and her willingness to embrace new possibilities has led her to pursue her dream of becoming a studio owner. Pauline’s goal at BODYTEC Durbanville is to create an exceptional and unforgettable experience for members and aim to rank in the top 5 for most monthly memberships across the BODYTEC group. Pauline believes that having a passionate and caring team, along with a vibrant studio atmosphere, is the key to success.

To achieve this, she plans to focus on the basics: providing outstanding customer service, building relationships with members, and making everyone feel like part of the studio family. Personal training and helping members achieve their specific goals will remain at the forefront of her approach.

Pauline is grateful to be joining an already successful and well-run studio, thanks to Mark (co-owner) and Lindie (personal trainer). Her aim is to bring her unique touch to elevate the experience further. With Durbanville being a fast-growing area, she hopes to tap into the younger generation and support those who have long commutes for work in maintaining their health. Busy moms will also be a priority, as she acknowledges the challenges they face time-wise.

Acknowledging the difficulty of running a business, Pauline is thankful for the unwavering support of her family and her biggest cheerleader, Charl. She believes that taking the leap of faith is the hardest part, and a friend’s advice – “Fortune favours the brave” – resonates with her now.

While Boris and Sandra, the founders of BODYTEC, may not be known to everyone, Pauline assures that their lifelong passion and support are always available to all studio owners. She emphasises the incredible support she has received from the BODYTEC Support Office team during her onboarding, recognising their belief in her potential even before she believed in herself.

Pauline expresses her deep gratitude for the life-changing opportunity provided by the BODYTEC support team, stating that their support was instrumental in her decision to fully invest in her new venture. Overall, Pauline’s drive is fueled by the desire to help people transform their lives and provide world-class BODYTEC service with the support of her dedicated trainers. She knows she is not alone on this journey, as the BODYTEC community stands together to ensure the success of each studio owner.

Find out how you can own your own BODYTEC EMS studio.

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