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Exclusive Lisa Raleigh nutrition solutions available to BODYTEC members

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BODYTEC is excited to announce a partnership with nutrition and wellness expert, Lisa Raleigh, which offers our members advanced nutrition solutions to healthier diets and hands-on support to achieve their health and fitness goals. Members of South Africa’s original EMS franchise gain access to exclusive discounted offers including Lisa’s popular Elimin8 cleanse, customised healthy eating plans, 60-minute in-depth nutrition consultations with Lisa’s dietician Carly Seager via Zoom, and more.

About Lisa Raleigh

With an extensive portfolio that spans nearly two decades in the health and fitness industry, Lisa Raleigh has done it all. From coaching clients on National TV in SA’s Biggest Loser, and self-producing her own shows which have aired in over 100 countries, to developing online and offline transformational programs, Lisa has made it her mission to support and guide those seeking wellness advice, by helping them live their healthiest life.

She’s a presenter, trainer, producer, writer, and also a mom, affording her first-hand insight into the challenges that come with being a parent, having a busy schedule, and trying to maintain your health. Lisa is a firm believer in the benefits of EMS training and has been strength training at BODYTEC for close to a decade.

In the spirit of helping others live their healthiest, strongest lives, we’ve teamed up with Lisa to invite you to an exclusive nutrition solution for BODYTEC members.

What’s included in the BODYTEC x Lisa Raleigh nutrition solution?

Lisa has developed 4 offers exclusive to BODYTEC members. Each offer is tailored according to goals, preferences and readiness to commit to real change.

  • Phase 1: Elimin8 cleanse & re-intro
  • Phase 2: Healthy Eating Plan
  • Phase 1 + 2: Elimin8 cleanse & re-intro + Healthy Eating Plan
  • Discounted 60 minute in-depth nutrition consultation with dietician Carly Seager
  • Discounted pre-consults with dietician Carly Seager

What is the Elimin8 & Re-introduction phase?

Lisa’s popular Elimin8 program is a guided 10-day cleanse involving the strict elimination of eight foods over 10 days while learning about nutrition and how the body reacts to different foods. Did you know that salt causes cellulite and water retention? Did you know that caffeine could be the reason why you’re not sleeping well? In this 10-day program, by removing and then reintroducing specific foods, you become more aware of what your body is receptive to and what it is sensitive to.

Healthy Eating Plans:

Once members have completed the Elimin8 cleanse, they will have a good understanding of which foods are good, and which are not so great for their bodies. Based on the results and their preferences, members can choose from customised Healthy Eating Maintenance plans, in which they can choose their optimal long-term style of eating to best suit their body’s needs and goals.

The available eating plans are offered in 5 variations based on the following styles:

  • Mediterranean
  • Carb Conscious
  • DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension)
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan

This phase can also be purchased on its own for members who are not ready to commit to the 10-day Elimin8 cleanse, or who already have a good understanding of what their body responds to and simply want a healthy eating plan to follow.

Phase 1 & 2 – Elimin8 & Re-introduction + Eating Plan

For members who want to make a real change and transform their eating habits towards optimal nutrition and ultimate wellness, they can buy this cleanse plus Eating Plan combo which combines the best of both phases.

Consult & DNA TestAll

All BODYTEC members can now save R600 on a 60-min in-depth professional consultation via ZOOM with Carly Seager, dietician for the Lisa Raleigh Group plus an eating plan.

Excited to get started? Existing BODYTEC members with active memberships will receive all information from their studios. All new BODYTEC members will receive details on how to access these exclusive offers when they sign up for membership.

Learn more about the program and other members’ experience by using the hashtag #BODYTECElimin8.

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