Euphemia’s 500th BODYTEC EMS training Session


Earlier this year, BODYTEC City Bowl member, Euphemia Dimblebee, completed her 500th BODYTEC session. This makes her the member with the most BODYTEC EMS strength sessions across South Africa!
Euphemia started EMS training at our first BODYTEC studio in April 2011, only a month after we opened its doors. She’s been training with us every week for almost 11 years now.

Discover Euphemia’s BODYTEC EMS training journey

“I was born and bred in Worcester, a small town on the wine route. I moved to Cape Town when I started university and have lived and worked there ever since. I live in Green Point now and love it. I’m a mother of one son who lives with me and who is currently a risk manager at Woolworths Financial Services. Over the last two years, balancing work from home with day-to-day chores in a small living space and staying healthy has become a huge challenge.
I have never been an avid sports enthusiast, but I appreciate the need to stay active to prevent becoming a sickly blob so, I’ve tried various activities whenever my conscience played up: I’ve tried boot camps, circuit training, boxing, spin classes, Zumba, even pole dancing – basically anything that a friend or colleague suggested at the time as a great way to lose weight until I got tired of them all.

I started BODYTEC EMS training in 2011 when the EMS franchise launched its first studio in Cape Town. A friend at my book club was raving about the great results she’d seen and how convenient the weekly 20-minute sessions are, especially for busy professionals like myself.

BODYTEC EMS training is easy to arrange and manage, with personalised sessions with no more than two people in a session. This gave me an assurance that my training program will be optimised by experienced trainers that I’ve grown to trust and build good relationships.

10 years on, I still love the flexibility and convenience of BODYTEC EMS training. – The memberships allow you to tailor your sessions according to your work schedule and availability, which set it apart from other gym packages. Also, the trainers know every member and make a great effort to accommodate our specific needs. I love the atmosphere; it’s friendly and supportive but ultimately focused on optimum workouts and individual guidance to ensure that we apply the correct techniques.

I honestly believe that BODYTEC delivers better, more visible results with less effort than any other form of exercise. In particular, the definition in my arms, which I do not focus on in any of my other activities, is a tribute to that.
At the end of the day, I feel more energised and resilient after every session which is a fine balance I need in my life. The main reason I recommend BODYTEC to my family and friends is the efficiency and convenience of training for 20 minutes once a week. BODYTEC is game-changing and it’s the smarter way to keep strong and fit and get great results.”

Want to discover the convenience and great results of BODYTEC EMS training for yourself? Book a trial at a studio near you today!.

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