EMS Training.
Done right!

EMS training uses electric impulses to stimulate muscles, triggering various reactions that commonly lead to intense muscle contractions. At BODYTEC, our focus is full-body strength training, activating up to 90% of muscles simultaneously, resulting in you getting a more intense workout in less time.

Our qualified personal trainers are experts in maximising the efficiency of your workout. With our new EMS-powered Smart Training System by SYMBIONT, you’ll get a full-body workout in just 20 minutes a week. Imagine the time you’ll save while still achieving the results you want.

Try it out now!

Unleash your potential with EMS training

Here’s why EMS training at BODYTEC is one of the best things you can do for yourself.


Invest in your fitness journey. Choose from the short- or long-term options starting at R1100 pm or save 25% when you buy through FNB eBucks.

Train at any studio

Don’t compromise your fitness routine while travelling! Book your training sessions at any of our studios nationwide. Another way we help you stay committed and achieve results!

Get FREE nutritional advice & exclusive discounted offers

Elevate your wellness as you’ll enjoy FREE nutritional guidelines, exclusive offers on personalised eating plans, DNA tests, and more, curated by our wellness partners at the Lisa Raleigh Group

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