Eat This, Not That For Breakfast

Everyone knows the old adage of “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” but if you’re not eating the right foods, then how important is it actually?

We’ve got a great list of what to eat for breakfast, as alternatives to the standard options, and why those standard breakfast dishes aren’t necessarily the best idea. Every morning is an excellent opportunity to nutritionally lay the foundations of the day ahead so read our list and eat this, not that for breakfast.

EAT one cup of cooked steel-cut oats, NOT half a cup of granola

WHY? Steel-cut oats have twice the amount of whole grains and half the sodium, and granola has 14g of sugar. Whole grains are excellent breakfast additions because they boost your energy for longer and a new study has shown that they can even help you live longer.

EAT two slices of whole grain toast, NOT one plain bagel

WHY? Whole grain toast has more dietary fiber, fewer calories and approximately half the sodium of a plain bagel. Two slices of whole grain toast have only 138 calories whereas a plain bagel has 270 calories.

EAT one cup of non-fat plain Greek yoghurt with fresh fruit, NOT one cup of regular whole milk fruit yoghurt

WHY? Non-fat plain Greek yoghurt has double the protein compared to regular yoghurt. This will ward off hunger for longer. Regular yoghurt, especially if flavoured, is also loaded with sugar and adding fresh fruit to plain Greek yoghurt will add a natural sweetness and vitamins.

EAT two egg whites, NOT three pieces of bacon and/or sausage

WHY? Egg whites have a lot of protein and are high in healthy Omega-3s and Vitamin A. Bacon and sausage are high in fat and sodium and are processed foods which have been linked to cancer.

EAT half a cup of berries, NOT a cup of fruit juice

WHY? The rule is simple – eat your fruit, don’t drink it. Juices may seem like a great way to get your fruit in but they’re packed with sugar and remove nearly all of the natural fiber which is important for digestion.

EAT one whole grain English muffin, NOT one blueberry muffin

WHY? Not every muffin is as healthy as the next and an English muffin has less than half the calories (132) as a blueberry muffin (444). The whole grain is also great for dietary fiber.

EAT a banana, NOT a smoothie

WHY? Whole fruits are better unless you’re making your smoothie at home and know exactly what’s being added. If you’re purchasing a smoothie to go, they’re typically loaded with hidden (artificial) sugar and calories. Bananas are also great for potassium.

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