Different Teas to Try this Winter

Winter in South Africa can be very cold, and often, very wet. Many people are self-confessed coffee addicts, but switching your caffeine fix up for tea every now and then can be incredibly beneficial for your health, and it will keep you just as warm in winter as coffee does.

Read our list of teas to try this winter that will help build your immune system and keep you warm.

There are many different categories of teas, so we’ll start off with black teas.


Black tea is a very satisfying tea. This tea should always be a go to or a nice substitute for one the more exotic teas. The first black tea to try is:

1)      Irish Breakfast Tea

This tea wasn’t set apart from English Breakfast Tea until World War II but the tea is still one of the most incredible black teas that could really give a person a boost at the start of the day.

2)      Ceylon

Ceylon is usually a little bit more citrus oriented than the Assam blend in Irish breakfast tea. Typically, Ceylon has a lemon content in it or associated with orange flavours.

3)      Kenyan

Obviously brewed in Kenya, but instead of a brownish or golden colour it comes out as a reddish colour.

4)      Darjeeling

Darjeeling is a bitter tea, but this may be good to try in the winter to prepare for the bitter cold? No, well try it anyway its good with a little bit of sugar or actually just black if you can handle it.


Chai tea is always a firm favourite in winter because of all the spices that are added and all the little toppings and flavours you can add to it just like coffee. Chai tea’s usual base is black and is known for its flavourful and spice content. However, the spiced Chai tea that we all automatically think about when reading is technically called, Masala Chai.

5)      Masala

Very flavourful and always a success on the taste buds.

6)      Teavana’s Chai

Teavana’s loose-leaf Chai tea combines sweet cinnamon, spicy ginger, and fragrant cardamom with black tea for a unique taste.


Oolong is a traditional Chinese tea that really has a unique taste that is semi bitter but rather tasteful. Also, Oolong is extremely beneficial to those with high blood pressure and respiratory problems.

7)      Rou Gui Xiang

This is a so called “punchy” tea which means that it has a little kick to it, a little surprise to the taste buds.

8)      Tie Guan Yin

This tea has a mellower taste on the tongue and is roughly translated to “Iron Buddha.”

9)      Rougui

A spicy tea with a flavourful aroma.

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