BODYTEC couples share the benefits of training together

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Few things are as satisfying as doing something you like with someone you love.

We believe that couples who train together are happier in their relationships and we’ve chatted to numerous pairs in the studio who echo that sentiment. It’s always satisfying to know that EMS sessions can rapidly increase a patient’s physical rehabilitation, that it affords exceptional individuals who are time-pressed, the luxury of fewer workouts while achieving great results, and that this idea of bringing BODYTEC to South Africa is improving the quality for life for so many across the country. One benefit that we did not see coming, is how much it increases the closeness of those who train together.

We asked BODYTEC couples to describe their first EMS session together and the responses are heartwarming:

Vlam & Joh-Mari Human - BODYTEC Erasmuskloof

Joh-Mari & Vlam Human

BODYTEC Erasmuskloof

❤️ 17 Years

Joh-Mari told us that she tried EMS training after her pregnancy and instantly fell in love.

“I was used to the feeling of the impulses, but to Vlam it was completely new so we had such a laugh. We had played underwater hockey and went to the gym together, and now we BODYTEC together. For some reason, we laugh a lot during our sessions (even during the very difficult ones). As weird as it may sound – we enjoy the sessions so much. It’s an excellent stress reliever, and it also gives us some time together before the day starts. We have the slot booked out in our calendars and it’s early in the morning, so we know that not a lot could derail our session.”

Daneil Schutte & Corlen Kruger - BODYTEC Erasmuskloof

Daneil Schutte & Corlen Kruger

BODYTEC Erasmuskloof

❤️ 4 years

For Corlen and Daneil, the benefits of EMS training brought more clarity, focus and motivation.

“Our first session together was quite a fun and “shocking” experience. The team was very professional and put our minds at ease being that they were well informed and could adjust the training to our personal needs and concerns. We wanted to do something that is physically and mentally healthy together and BODYTEC was the perfect fit. It’s a thing we do together, so it’s our thing. Our thing has helped us grown closer as a couple and we give each other 100% support (and high fives ) in everything we do. We’ve definitely learnt to work together as a ‘power’ couple. We started training together at BODYTEC Montana three years ago but after we moved to Rietvallei Park, we joined the BODYTEC Erasmuskloof studio and have been going there since for our weekly “jolt” to feel energised for the rest of the week. I feel much stronger since Daneil introduced me to it, and I can see muscles in places that I never thought I had muscles.”

Julie & Greg Hechter - BODYTEC Tygervalley

Julie & Greg Hechter

BODYTEC Tygervalley

❤️ 27 years

When Julie’s gym contract ended a year ago, she was keen to try an EMS training session and Greg joined in. They had been running together for many years and believe that being active together is important. Greg said that working out together helps them motivate each other and that it adds to the list of things they already have in common.

“It was a tough intro session. The studio owner, Jess, gave us a good workout so we had sore muscles for a week but we enjoyed the training together, the great energy and the environment at BODYTEC Tygervalley. We usually have our session on a Thursday at 5 pm to get us ready for the weekend. We run or walk together most days too, but prefer to do that in the morning if at all possible. A busy day often gives an excuse not to train so we set time aside each week.”

Vicky & Dawie van der Merwe - BODYTEC Lonehill

Vicky & Dawie van der Merwe

BODYTEC Lonehill

❤️ 11 years

Within a few months of Vicky’s EMS training, Dawie was so impressed with her results that she decided to gift him with BODYTEC sessions for his birthday.

“It was hysterical seeing Dawie in the outfit and hearing the sounds he made as he struggled through the session. By the following week, he was so stiff that he couldn’t move but it was extremely entertaining and we were both hooked! It is wonderful to do EMS training together, and I’m quite competitive, so we challenge and motivate each other. We train after work at the same time each week. Time is blocked out in both of our diaries and we try to never miss a session.”

Vicky also credited the improvement in her running performance and the reduction of previous running niggles, to her regular EMS training sessions.


So, yes, we highly recommend that partners train together, if not for the physical benefits, then definitely for the time well spent together.

Studies show that when you train with a partner, you will likely perform at your best to show your partner what you are capable of. Over time, your performance improves and learning to work as a team will prepare you to offer the same support to matters in other aspects of your relationship.

During physical activities, you also become more aware of your partner’s values, interests, and what they need to feel supported.

We’d love to share your memorable BODYTEC moments. If you’re enjoying your fitness journey with someone, whether it’s your significant other, your parent, child, or colleague, mention us in your story on social media using the hashtag: #IAMBODYTEC.


Are you an existing BODYTEC member and want to bring your loved one for a free trial this Valentines month? Complete the Trial Request form here for him/her using promo code “#Train4Two” to claim his/her free session (valid until end Feb 2021).

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