Combat cabin fever with these indoor activities

Indoor activities

Cabin fever is real and for some, staying in can quickly lead to boredom and irritability. While cabin fever is not a recognised psychological illness, Medical News Today reports that the physical and emotional effects can significantly affect one’s quality of life. It presents itself as changes in eating habits, sleeping too much, having difficulty concentrating, and changes in grooming, to name a few.

Aside from not being able to physically connect with others, cabin fever can develop from work burnout, financial strain, or limitations that prevent you from participating in activities that you find meaningful.

Here are some indoor activities that you may enjoy:

Start Bullet Journaling

This is a creative way to organise your thoughts whether you’re jotting down long-term goals or preparing a weekly to-do list.

Download Duolingo

What better way to prepare for your next holiday than learning a foreign language? Score points for every correct answer, and compete with learners across the globe to receive winner badges, the more you learn.

Engage in a childhood hobby or interest

Have you ever wanted to be a dancer? Take virtual dance lessons. Have you longed to play a musical instrument? It’s never too late. Treat your inner child to activities that you wanted to do as a child.

Improve your gardening skills

What if all you did was plant a seed and consistently cared for it? That would be a win for nature and an accomplishment on your part in nurturing growth.

Start a solo fitness challenge

Try planking for two minutes but starting at 30 seconds and adding 3 seconds each day. Learn to do a handstand, the splits or push-ups. What matters most is that you’re having fun while challenging yourself.

Join a puzzle party

Google Arts & Culture has some great options! Choose from easy, medium or difficult puzzles to piece together and complete your own puzzle or invite up to 30 participants to assist you for free. If you’re not fond of puzzles, take a virtual tour of museums and art galleries around the world.

Become a meditator

Meditation apps like Headspace, host courses (both free and premium) to help you lean into mindfulness and become more self-aware. The more you are able to quiet your mind, the better you will be at controlling how you act in relation to what you think.

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