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Mother + Son training = #Winning

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Claim to Fame

Christopher Jaftha is a South African actor, dancer, singer, model, MC and presenter who rose to fame in 2015 after winning a presenting job on Top Billing, following a nationwide televised audition called Presenter Search on 3.

After matriculating at the age of 16, Chris took a gap year and did voluntary work for an organisation called Youth for Christ, where he was part of a team who travelled throughout Africa, Europe and America, raising money for HIV and aids orphanages through dance, drama and industrial theater. During this time his interest in acting grew and he decided to move to California to study acting at the Stella Adler School of Film in Los Angeles. This is one accomplished man! He refers to acting as a “daily hustle,” and lists meditating and giving thanks to his Maker as part of his morning routine to ground him.

Two memorable moments on camera include interviewing Spanish actor, Antonio Banderas and dancing in AND hosting Dancing with the Stars.

Training and Fitness Regime

Chris enjoys a mix of HIIT and strength training , including EMS training, which he does with his mom at BODYTEC Bedfordview. When asked why he chooses to train with his mom, Chris says, ”families that train together, stay together, and it’s about creating memories and moments that can be treasured forever.”

Chris Jaftha BODYTEC EMS training

Nutrition and Life Balance

Nutrition is very important to Chris as “everyone knows that abs are made in the kitchen,” but he also indulges in fast food and popcorn at the movies on his cheat days for ultimate balance. Chris enjoys lots of fruit and makes sure he gets enough protein in his diet. His mom’s guilty pleasure is reality marriage shows. She continuously strives towards this life-long mantra, ”You can have results or excuses – but you cannot have both.”

Family First

Chris’s mom loves training with him at BODYTEC! Because Mrs Jaftha is self-employed, it’s easy for her to juggle her time to fit into Chris’s busy schedule. While Chris likes EMS training because it helps him hone in on his weaker areas, his mom says EMS training has helped her ease her back pain, from sitting in front of a computer all day.

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Mom and Son activities

Chris and his mom recently shot a mother-son short story for Thomas Sabo where they got to “immortalise” their precious moments together. Aside from this and their weekly BODYTEC training sessions, they also enjoy regular Sunday lunches as a family and try to have lunch or dinner at least once a week.

Mother’s Day is Every Day

For Chris, every day is Mother’s Day. (Awwww!) He spoils his mom with flowers and chocolate on the special day, but believes in making his mom feel special EVERY day. Chris’s mom doesn’t put too much emphasis on this particular day either, only because her son spoils her often – in her words, ”future wife, you’ll be treated well!”

Chris and his mom train at BODYTEC Bedfordview.

Follow Chris on Instagram @chrisjaftha via the following links for his latest updates.

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